Shadow Contest Round 102

Shadow Contest Round 102

It is still daytime. I went to the mosque to pray. When going out through the gates of the mosque I saw an interesting shadow. Immediately I took the smartphone and I aimed. the results are as we can see in this post.
I use eSteem-surfer to post it. It is so easy to use and get more benefit. You can try it.
This is his participation in the contest held by @melinda010100. If you are interested to follow it, please read the following post.
Shadow Contest Round 102- Show Me A Shadow and WIN SBI and ESTM

Thank you for reading and watching my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Great shadow photo! Remember to put your link over in the comments on the contest post. Thanks for entering.

18.01.2020 16:40

Thank you @melinda010100. I will do it soon

19.01.2020 04:41