Rico Versal - Yeah Yeah (Rok Sivante remix)


Apparently, it was a slow summer with the music, as has been a while since I've shared any new tunes here. Though coming back with a bang, here's a fresh hot remix...

Hard-driving, gritty bass and guitars over rap lyrics... what a match. The original song was pretty shit, as were the 3 winners of the remix context. But hey, sometimes quality doesn't need a trophy for validation.

Without further ado, ENJOY!

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Love the harsh metal tones to the bass here. @tipu curate

17.10.2019 21:14

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 6/10)

17.10.2019 21:14

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17.10.2019 21:17

Where's my drink! Let's party! 😎

17.10.2019 22:14


17.10.2019 22:31

I keep listening to this over and over!

18.10.2019 19:31



18.10.2019 19:56

Pretty cool! You should do a post where you show the process. Like the before product and the after so people can see how you changed it and all.

18.10.2019 12:29