Pay outs - a perhaps silly question

Just a silly question of me (an older guy, who isn´t born with a PC in his cradle).
I´ve read somewhere in the explanations concerning Steemit, that payouts take place after 7 days. I´ve got some rewards 8 days ago, but there has been no payouts ?!?!.
And if I remember right, it´s the second time something like this happened.
Has something changed. I´ll be ok with that. I´m not using steemit for the money. But, If some money comes, why not.
Thank you in advance for answering.
Enjoy your day!

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You have to claim the rewards in your wallet before they show up in balance.

29.07.2019 06:30

Thank you for answering, but how do I claim theim. Opening my wallet there isn´t anything I could click at or answer etc. I tried clicking and pushing everything I see on the screen in my wallet. Nothing. I was used to redeem, when the redeem message came, but it doesn´t come anymore. So, please, how do I claim the rewards? Thank you in advance. Rolf

29.07.2019 10:21

I'm guessing you didn't login to your wallet or not with the correct key. You have to use active key to claim rewards, transfer funds etc.

29.07.2019 11:25

Thank you again. That worked. Kind of confusing all these keys, and if you use key x the system tells you it wasn´t meant to be used for this and another key isn´t meant to be used for that. Well, it worked somehow. Thanks and enjoy your day! Rolf

29.07.2019 14:51

Yeah it's best to follow the recommendation to be safe. Login with posting key to post, comment upvote etc, and with active key for transactions. Have a great day!

29.07.2019 19:33

Thank you! You too!

30.07.2019 04:01