Witness Update (22.7331) - Pick a great Steem Frontend - Please vote Community Witnesses - SteemWallet Apps back.

Steem is in the news, Steem is hot! Steemy! Watch out for the sun tho.

In all seriousness, what a bizar week this was. We have the single largest stakeholder calling in his friends with billion dollars owning exchanges to overrule a temporarily safety measurement (softfork 22.2) and centralise the Steem chain around most probably 1 server running the show.

When I got the news of the hostile centralised take-over I was flabbergasted. Bam. This is it. The end of Steem. Four epic years together with so many of you. But I also thought... the community won't end. The community is out there. It's on the discords, the telegrams, the steem.chats. But the thing we have in common, what brought us together. That might have ended. I pulled SteemWallet.apps (now back online), I was at the verge of pulling the plug on my servers. Not out of rationele, but emotion.

But then the community voting started to happen. Large scale. At first it looked impossible. 86 Gigavests was the top witness spot before the sock puppet Tron Fakes took over with the help of Binance and Huobi and now the number to beat was 140 Gigavests of voteweight after Binance / Huobi withdrew their votes.

And then... slowly but surely the community votes started to pour in. Amazing! And now, currently we are at 7 witnesses in the top20 list, effectively having the community back at the table, at least to block any unwanted forced Hardforks from Tronit Foundation.

But mind you, this is thanks to Binance / Huobi stopping their votes. They might still change their mind again, and start voting more with their customer's custodial funds, for example for the reasoning: We need to unlock our funds and the new hardfork will give us that unlock. However Huobi and Binance could also simple start power down their customer funds and getting liquid steem within 7 days after 1/13 of the powerdown conversion is completed.

This is not over yet.

Please continue to vote for community witnesses, reach out to anyone you know with steem, ask to vote!

  • Please use all 30 of your votes.
  • If you are with the community, against centralisation of the Steem chain... Pick witnesses that don't run 22.5 software.
  • If you vote for any of the following witnesses: goodguy24, cloudysun, eastooowest, hunger365, paintingclub, flyingfly1, waitforyou1, jumphigh, toke2049, coronashallgo, night11pm, car2001, agirl10000, bostonawesome, happylife123, nicetry001, aheadofslow, high46, respect888, onestepaday, please reconsider your votes as this is a single server running 20 witnesses!

Are you on Steemit.com? Consider an alternative!

If you are using Steemit.com understand that this website is now owned by the same people who called their exchange owning friends to overrule the community elected witness list. If you feel that is not ok, consider using a different website to explore the Steem blockchain. I don't want to spread fud, but in the light of recent events, it might be a smart move to consider alternatives.

And boy are there alternatives. I am currently typing this blogpost on SteemPeak.


what a beauty. Support for Tribes, Communities, Build-in Wallet (include Steem-Engine token support), Steem Proposal voter, Witness voter, Draft posts and Templates. Best of all, secure login / transacting with Steemkeychain (audit-able software) so no need to paste your private key in a browser screen.

eSteem apps for Desktop & Mobile

A beautiful app available for desktop (mac & win) and iOS & Android phones. Long standing and in active development! IIRC they are also coming out with a web based app. Open source developed.

Busy.org open source steem interface

Busy is yet another interface for the Steem chain. A beautiful minimalistic design. However there seems to be no active development going on. Yet you can! The source code is available and MIT Licensed on https://github.com/busyorg/busy

Additional steem software tips:

Signalling 22.7331 22.1 instead of 22.4444 (for now)

I have updated my witness nodes to signal 22.7331. This is software version 22.1 compatible with all current consensus versions out there. I started signalling 22.4444 as a protest, well aware of the symbolic meaning of 4 in Justin Sun's native tongue. The idea behind it (for me) was to signal the Death of Steem with it's centralization. However, I got word that some people might find it disturbing to have their transactions included in these 22.4444 signed blocks, so hence I changed my protest indicator to 22.7331. Where 7331 is a reference to my recent newly assigned "badge of honor": Hackers! 7331 according to Urban Dictionary: Uncool, or non-leet. The opposite of 1337 (leet). Having poor computer skills. However this versioning might change as consensus is reached among the community witnesses.

Update: I reverted to vanilla 22.1 after some discussions. Thx @pfunk.

Thank you for your reads, thanks for your votes.
Keep em coming. See you on the chain!

Comments 134

When I got the news of the hostile centralised take-over I was flabbergasted

But you guys were the ones who made the centralized take over of a legitimately owned Stake?
He just took steps to protect himself from your hostility

05.03.2020 09:20

Let’s just don’t have the same discussion, shall we? They had to do it. Period.

05.03.2020 09:28

No they were under no compulsion to freeze his Stake.

05.03.2020 09:38

Token Swap

05.03.2020 09:47

So the ability to swap tron for Steem and Steem for tron (which I understand was being called an atomic swap? ) is a bad thing? why is that ?

05.03.2020 10:02

If you do not mind and you have some time, please do take some time of my narration of ninja stakes in a story form maybe you will understand clearer why the witnesses tried so hard to protect it.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, maybe it is time the community is more educated in this.

05.03.2020 09:58

Thanks for the link to your story @littlenewthings I will read it later.
I am not completely ignorant of the politics of Steemit and Steem.

If someone can show me the illusive signed agreements that have been claimed I would be very happy. However that would still not give the witnesses involved in this hostility against Justin Sun a free pass.
If we look at the facts on the ground, when Sun took control of the top twenty witnesses (for a short time) I was seeing complaints that he did not even inderstand how to do the updates lol
This should let us all know he did not plan to take control of the top 20 witnesses. He was forced to take action to protect his Stake.

This situation is not helpful for anyone who cares about Steem. We will be reaping the negative consequences of this for a long time.

05.03.2020 10:14

What should the witnesses have done? Waited and let this happend either way? They tried to get in contact with him, with no response x)
So they did what they felt was necessary to protect the chain :)

Keep in mind, it has a soft fork so he could vote for witnesses. He could still use it for delegations and other activities on the chain :)

05.03.2020 10:17

Thanks for that @cwow2
where could i find verification that he still had access to the stake in question for the purposes of 'delegations and other activities on the chain'

I was under the impression that the Stake was frozen.

05.03.2020 11:06

I listened to the @msp-waves / @mspwaves for 4 hours on monday, not sure if that live stream is out yet :D
I think they talked about it, I dont know if its in any article, but thats how I understood it.

The only threat was the voting of witness, him delegating for project or SPS wasn't a threat as far as I understand

05.03.2020 11:57

Dear @asimpleman.

Softfork222 was after deliberate discussions implemented amongst a supermajority because:

  1. The status quo about the Steemit stake had become more of a risk, since no contact was returned and answers were given.
  2. Mixed PR publication from new Steemit Inc owners did not indicate they were going to honour the liabilities coming with the Steemit stake in question.

Softfork222 had always been earmarked as a temporarily measurement. It was a though decision to make.

In a softfork one cannot freeze accounts. The keys to the accounts are still valid and the account could certainly perform many of the operations of the steem blockchain software. For example the creation of new accounts was still possible. The operations blocked were carefully chosen to just maintain the status quo of the special stake and it's usage.

Then the majority of witnesses ran software which prevented certain operations for the given accounts to be executed. Mind you... anyone could unvote those witnesses at any given time and have other witnesses voted in who didn't run that specific version 22.2. But no, many more votes poured in on the witnesses running 22.2.

Then the 22.5 take over with customer funds via exchanges happened and 22.2 was undone.

05.03.2020 15:06

Dear @roelandp

I would like to to express my gratitude for your detailed and kind response.
I know this is a stressful time for many of us who care about the platform.
I really appreciate that you took the time for the reply, it speaks volumes about your good character

06.03.2020 02:13

Agreed. Everyone acted emotionally, including Sun's retaliation. I wish everyone will take a step back and breathe.

05.03.2020 11:27

It was not an ordinary Steem stake that Sun could do with what he liked. It was a stake bound by all sorts of legally binding representations by Steemit Inc to which Justin Sun was legally bound.For details see these posts: https://steempeak.com/ninjamine/@apshamilton/evidence-of-steemit-inc-making-representations-about-use-of-ninja-mined-stake

05.03.2020 09:28

I had a look at your link and dont see anything that i would call a legally binding agreement between parties. I see an expression of a plan of action made by Ned. I did not bother to look closely at the Dan posts as the claim so far has been the 'promise' was made by Ned.

Did I miss the signed agreements that have been claimed?

I have looked at many links none have delivered the goods so far.

05.03.2020 09:55

From your comments you are obviously not a lawyer.
I am a very experienced lawyer and litigator. These sorts of representations can become legally binding in many ways, via contract or operation of laws against misrepresentation etc.

05.03.2020 09:59

Ah good I may need a good lawyer one day : )

I still have not seen any promise or agreement between parties even !

Surely even a Professional litigator would need to provide evidence of the claims made? in this case an agreement or promise as stated by multiple witnesses.

If i am being dense please persist and point directly at the promise or agreement.
Something more substantial than Ned saying 'well the plan is....'

Now I am thinking about it, even if a signed agreement between parties did surface, that would still not clear the hostile actions taken against Justin Suns Stake. He had not violated anything.

05.03.2020 10:59

You probably can't afford me. :-)
The legal definition of a contract is far broader than a signed agreement. All that is required for a contract to form is offer, acceptance and consideration. Contracts can be formed many ways including verbally and by course of conduct as well as by a combination of many written documents.
If there are contracts that bind Steemit Inc then Justin is bound by them in his use of the ninjamined stake because Steemit Inc, not Justin Sun, owns it.

05.03.2020 12:14

So your claim is that Ned made at least one public statement regarding his plans (Neds word), now that is a contract? That would appear to be a very hard sell depending on Judge of course.
Mind you, I must admit that just about anything is possible in the injustice system. I have seen a high court Judge proclaim that a specific piece of evidence did not exist. Luckily for us he did not stick with the case right through and we got the ruling overturned.

05.03.2020 13:30

Glad to know that you're a lawyer. In the conference held between Sun and the witnesses he repeatedly stated that he knew of no such agreements and that if anyone was liable it was Ned. I got the sense that e was "playing stupid".

05.03.2020 15:35

That was a non voting stake ... understand that

05.03.2020 09:45

@asimpleman is to dumb to understand this

05.03.2020 09:59

@onealfa Am I really dumb or do i just like to do my own thinking ?

05.03.2020 10:22

I think we first need to explain to @asimpleman how the PROXY works :)

05.03.2020 11:07

I know how the proxy works but i dont understand what the significance to you?
Why are you showing me this?

05.03.2020 11:16

Gues why :)

05.03.2020 11:20

You want to go to war bitch? You got it... FUCK YOU STEEM NAZIs https://goldvoice.club/steem/@davemccoy/f-k-the-steem-nazis

06.03.2020 02:45

Hi, @davemccoy read your post. And I'm sorry you feel exposed (image edited)it was just a quick screenshot to show that JS uses Ninja mine stake for voting. Never told you are wrong that you vote for Tron witness. You look educated guy just read the conversation before start b..ing and f..cking Wish you all the best and good luck.

BTW what you think is going to happen when JS makes 3-day unstake period. I don't want steem to be pump and dump that's why I vote for old witness and this information is public and anyone can see it.

06.03.2020 06:33

I'm sorry if I lumped you in with all the others that have been trying to get me to change my vote.

I think it is fine to make the 3 day unstake period. The market will decide what price it should be trading at and unlocking all chains from people (such as the staking period) will make the chain more free. Think about it like this, if people can sell easily, then the people running it have to make decisions that will entice them to want to stay long. Otherwise, they will just shoot themselves in the foot if they bad decisions as people will sell if they don't like what is going on. Don't be afraid of price discovery. It will improve governance.

I wish you the best of luck as well and again sorry for jumping on you so hard.

06.03.2020 19:52

No problem. The whole situation escalates too much and the community is divided. Thank you.

3 days is not good in my opinion, Maybe 2 or 4 weeks or maybe optional. Like in some tribes - you get all tokens from reward and it's your decision what to do with them - stake or keep them liquid. Because of security. If someone gets your keys for 3 days your steem is gone, if you are on vacation or somewhere else and don't monitor your account every day.

God luck @davemccoy

06.03.2020 20:21

Good point about the stolen keys, I hadn't considered that. :)

And have a great weekend and good luck to you as well @outlinez!

07.03.2020 00:09

Guess why
Steemit Inc. (The “Company”), is a private company that helps develop the open-source software that powers steemit.com, including steemd. The Company may own various digital assets, including, without limitation, quantities of cryptocurrencies such as STEEM. These assets are the sole property of the Company. Further, the Company’s mission, vision, goals, statements, actions, and core values do not constitute a contract, commitment, obligation, or other duty to any person, company or cryptocurrency network user and are subject to change at any time. https://steemitwallet.com/about.html

06.03.2020 06:25

Whatever you miss my point anyway I won't argue with. just read the conversation

06.03.2020 06:39

ah @outlinez i think i get it, are you pointing out the when the accounts were created?

05.03.2020 11:20

No, I'm pointing you are wrong "did anyone use it for voting? No they did not." JS uses it for voting. When these accounts were unfrozen they delegate they power to dev365 to vote for witnesses

05.03.2020 11:28

I get it. However times lines and sequence of events are a critical factor in determining what happened and why.

06.03.2020 01:35

I do understand that !
so what ? did anyone use it for voting? No they did not.

05.03.2020 09:59

@asimpleman Why do you post a complete LIE?
Go and enjoy your votes on the sock puppets, socker

05.03.2020 09:57

What you expect me to vote for people who are harming the platform by bringing it into disrepute ?
and what are you talking about posting a complete lie lol
That would be a very cold day in hell.Edit
Ah do you think Justin Sun used that Stake to vote witnesses ?If so you are mistaken, no harm in making a mistake

05.03.2020 10:28

No, I don't.
He used it as a bribe, to reward his allies for their dirty work. I'm not one of those who enjoy seeing someone betting AGAINST ME by using MY personal funds. (Obviously, you are?)

05.03.2020 10:47

Ah I just clicked to what you are talking about.
The exchanges! yep that sucks big time. How much of yours do they still have?

05.03.2020 13:08

Yes, he is probably a sock puppet.

05.03.2020 11:34

@joeyarnoldvn are you calling me a sock puppet? : )

05.03.2020 12:57

Well, are you?

05.03.2020 13:33

Stay strong Roeland. Community stands with you guys. Amazing what we can achieve united.

05.03.2020 09:29

I might not be able to join the community anymore.
Because right now my account is having problems so the items are no longer suitable for me.
Thank you Roland for all your help for supporting me on steemit.

05.03.2020 09:30

good to learn about 7331

05.03.2020 09:32


05.03.2020 11:35

It's been a tense time and we're not out of the woods yet. Thanks for sticking with us. We need the true witnesses to keep the moral high ground. Blocking Steemit's actions was not ideal, but Justin had shown he can play dirty and I see Ned backing him up. It may be just business to them, but this community means a lot to us. I hope we can survive this somehow.

05.03.2020 09:36

Lot's of drama. I'm still positive regarding a good outcome.

05.03.2020 15:41

Reading that, I could feel all of your emotions, the lows and the high. Steem on :-)

05.03.2020 09:43

This is just starting ... democracy will prevail

05.03.2020 09:43

I was actually wondering why there was the Nivea lotion there... then I realised..... hahaha.... That's epic choice @roelandp

Long live #steem

05.03.2020 09:46

Being a witness, would you mind to express your view on 30 for 1 voting rule, which leads to centralization of steem governance and allowed exchanges to swap all 20 top witnesses?
Steem blockchain multivote security vulnerability

05.03.2020 09:48

I used all available accounts to vote against CZ. Now that we are all awake we could also talk about the general tendency for centralization. It is not as if the old witnesses were not elected by one ninja-stake entity, so how will you ensure further decentralization?

05.03.2020 09:49

The current takeover attempts are possible due to 30 for 1 voting rule, see my article about steem security vulnerability. The voting rule as we have it indeed is pro centralization.

05.03.2020 10:29

yeah the 30 for 1 rule is a problem and needs to be fixed. I did not referred to the current take over. Even before HF21/22 all the Witnesses or at least sufficient majority were elected by one entity which defeats the purpose of byzantine fault tolerance mechanisms. Our margin of safety in dPOS is a 2/3 + 1 based consensus.


05.03.2020 10:37

Interesting Chart

05.03.2020 11:29

Apparently the rule is there to centralize blockchain governance. So ironic witnesses repeat decentralization like a mantra.

05.03.2020 12:01

Interesting looking thesis. I shall read it!

05.03.2020 15:31

I feel like the outsize influence of a couple whales on the pre-Tron witness voting was largely due to voter apathy. One of the better side effects of this current craziness is the awareness and education of more people on witness voting. The current stake of Steemit Inc. is much larger than the stakes controlled by Freedom, Pumpkin, etc. and is so far proving insufficient to fully control the chain. So it's not accurate that those accounts prevent decentralization, it's more accurate that inactivity and apathy are foes of decentralization.

06.03.2020 02:09

totally agree but voter apathy is a constant temporally it can be influenced by massive campaigns), long term it will be always there. In dPOS less than 10% participation. Since there is no strong reason to consolidate ninja-stake we don´t know if they are not able to fully prevent decentralization.

...and many more. You know each of them in person? Maybe the early team, maybe bitshares and cryptonomex members but nobody knows if they are still in possession of their stake or if the have sold it OTC. Its sad that we have to talk about persons in a anonymous network.


even when 1/12 of the stake bribes 3x 1/12 it is a nothing at stake + bribe attack. When there is an atomic bomb which can destroy the planet, this bomb or the planet (how ever you want to put it) simply should not exist no matter whether a nice guy buys it on the legal way. It should be economically impossible.

06.03.2020 08:55

It's great to feel the renewed energy between the lines you've written. Challenging times are ahead, but don't lose hope. Things are not lost until we abandon.

The last week may well have been the most impressive display of community power we've ever seen in the crypto-space.


05.03.2020 09:56

So great to see this predatory take over of our block chain by deceptive and corrupted strong arm tactics has brought this community, much divided to a cohesive whole that will, God willing drive of this common foe of free speech and this blockchain and its beloved users ! Steem On VOTE VOTE VOTE, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ! WWG1WGA !

05.03.2020 23:07

Binance not powering down yet worries me.

They could cover their liquidity I imagine with around 2M Steem per week from the staged PD.

The fact that they're not suggests they're waiting for an aggressive immediate PD HF, which in turn suggests a hostile take-back to make that happen.

05.03.2020 09:59

yup, same here. Although they kinda promised they won't interfere any longer. So they are trying to keep to that word...

06.03.2020 14:53


There are talks in the Korean discord atm between with JS... happening now .... someone should step up from the witnesses

05.03.2020 10:05

We are here to support the community and choose true human witnesses

05.03.2020 10:12

I switched to SteemPeak a few days ago. Fantastic! It is what Steemit.com should have been.

05.03.2020 10:25

I might do that too.

05.03.2020 11:26

I'm using it in combination with a browser plugin for FireFox and Chrome,Steem Keychain. I don't miss Steemit at all. =)

05.03.2020 14:06

You prefer Steem Keychain over Steem Connect?

05.03.2020 20:05


07.03.2020 23:08

fully agree, I moved a while back. steempeak is an awesome, feature rich frontend. you can also use beta.steempeak.com to use the bleeding edge :)

05.03.2020 16:04

Thanks for that tip Ash!

07.03.2020 23:07

So you are basically paws, fighting for BLocktrades and 20 guys who were investing 100$ per month and cashed out 2500 $ for running a server.

Stupid, stupid communists...

05.03.2020 10:26

Seeing this happening out of the blue, I missed a couple heart beats, but seeing how the community fights for its chain brings me hope. There's no other than the Steem community out there in the crypto space, and we've gotten a lot of publicity because of it. Too many unclarities were there, starting from Ned's actions, that led to this, but hopefully there's going to be more discussions between Tron/Sun and Steem community to come up with a solution.

Hang on there Roeland!

05.03.2020 10:51

You can't upload pictures on busy these days, the only reason I use it is the busy bot upvote. All these front ends depend on factors I don't trust. Whenever I start using stuff like chainbb it ends up shutting down.

05.03.2020 11:20

on steempeak.com the image uploader works fine for me sofar!

06.03.2020 14:52

This is an excellent summary of what has been happening. Justin Sun is the technocratic blockchain version of Rothschild, assuming IBM is not.

05.03.2020 11:24

Yeah, it is bizarre seeing Steem usernames I know so well on google news feeds and other mainstream media outlets. For better or worse, Steem is certainly getting some publicity. This is the closest I've ever been to celebrity. When all the Steem drama began, I was in the middle of helping @KidSisters create a post about their experience making the Steem Whale spray in the Netherlands.

We are here in Suriname, and our girls are learning Dutch, so it seemed fitting to make a post about making the whale spray in the Netherlands. When calm is once again achieved on the blockchain, we will finish this post. Keep up the fight @roelandp!!!

!BEER !giphy boycott !trdovoter

05.03.2020 11:34

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05.03.2020 11:34

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

05.03.2020 11:34

BOI is for the community! Together we stand strong! Together we can achieve anything!

05.03.2020 11:41

Why is the "SteemWorld" creator and maintainer supporting Sun Yuchen's minions?

05.03.2020 12:13

I think it's by mistake, @steemchiller?

05.03.2020 12:18

There are other whales known for opposing Sun Yuchen but indirectly voting for Sun's Minions.

05.03.2020 12:22


05.03.2020 15:32

Lol what does Yuchen mean?

05.03.2020 17:21

Sun Yuchen(孙宇晨) is Justin Sun's real name.

05.03.2020 17:31

Lol.... I’m surprised he didn’t go with McJustin to truly appeal to the westerners 😂

05.03.2020 17:49

i dont know fernando... a mistake?

06.03.2020 14:51

At least I hope so.

06.03.2020 14:55

Oh look he said please. Ha Ha Ha forget you losers! Go to a different chain if you can not handle a little competition. Peace out!

05.03.2020 12:29

I am already using steempeak and no more steemit.com from now onwards. Thanks

Posted using Partiko Android

05.03.2020 12:39

I am now wondering when the next "I survived Justin Sun/Tron's Takeover of Steem" SteemFest ?

If the Steem Blockchain survives this and We Truly gain our Blockchain back, it will be one for the history books when it comes to blockchain history. We are truly plowing through a new frontier. Awesome!

05.03.2020 13:18

“I survived a hostile takeover and all I got was this lowsey steemfest shirt” 😂

05.03.2020 17:24

As you mentioned we can use other dapps and websites like esteemapp @esteemapp ,@steempeak etc instead of steemit.com
But if steemit.com fully controlled or overtaken by justin sun and his team .over SP steem power and steem coins are safe or not are we able to used over steem power SP after that?

05.03.2020 13:41

the majority of TOP20 witnesses decide what version of software to run, with what kind of rules around the behaviour & economics of the blockchain.

05.03.2020 15:10

Thanks for your response I understand it

05.03.2020 15:14

Good post, good work by you and good move in changing the witness number!!!

You are important to this place that I've called home for almost 4 years!!!

05.03.2020 13:51

We will continue to work and functions like community. Power Up people, we are slowly moving to the right direction.

Posted via Steeming.com
07.03.2020 04:47

Good call. I'm using Steempeak from now on as first choice.
Stay Strong.

05.03.2020 13:58

Steempeak rocks :D

05.03.2020 15:25

@roelandp we are in support with you , just keep running the fight. And sure will use different websites as you suggested. Thanks.

05.03.2020 15:28


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05.03.2020 15:45

I think exchanges also learnt a lesson. Hope we could win this battle!


05.03.2020 17:34

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05.03.2020 17:34

Promoting Steemit Alternatives websites and interfaces initiative

Video is made inspired by your post!

05.03.2020 18:09

Nicely done!

07.03.2020 06:54

TY :)

07.03.2020 08:58

Nice post and thanks for the tips on alternatives to use!! I will give SteemPeak a try!!

05.03.2020 18:40

Great energy here. Yes! Whatever becomes of this, See you on the chain. Steem on! ❤

05.03.2020 23:04

Scientists discover powerful antibiotic using AI

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06.03.2020 01:24

full support here and calling more beery and even non beery friends to vote

steem is community

06.03.2020 07:02

So, the witnesses made the first hostile act by removing Justin from using Steem he purchased. He retaliated and somehow hes the bad guy?

I don't understand this whole thing. If anything I'm more on Justin's side, and I didn't like him before this lol.

06.03.2020 07:54

Hi Treepi,

in the announcement post @softfork222 we tried to explain everything very carefully.

Steemit Inc's stake (I assume that's what you mean with Justin) was far from removed from the blockchain by softfork222. After 1 week of uncertainty and reaching out to the new owners of the stake without meaningful responses and only alarming PR-publications around "token swaps" and "propietary blockchain" to go on... more than a week of discussions, testing and finally implementing took place to, mind you, temporarily block certain operations from being included in blocks produced by the then Top20 witnesses as well as a majority of backup-witnesses. This was just done to mitigate a risk and to no longer just count on "promises", which by then, had not come anyhow... Only the alarming PR-publications and no responses. Because if waiting and a malicious action would be undertaken, the only way out would have been a hardfork.

Little could we know that the influence of the new owner of the Steemit Inc company was so big that he could single handedly call friends who are billionaires and own the biggest crypto exchanges on the world, to do him a favour, and abuse the funds of their customers (of which many are Steem users) and decide to vote against many the will of the majority of the community.

After that we saw the true rise of DPOS... The community started voted, calling friends, powering up and we saw huge efforts outside of the blockchain. The crypto world was (and is) watching us now. Let's see how this ends...

I hope this explains the situation a bit more and helps you have another angle at this situation.

06.03.2020 14:47

typical unreachable boss style lol

06.03.2020 16:13

That helps a bit. I'm still a bit confused.

I don't understand why action needed to be taken against Justins newly acquired tokens in the first place?

The stuff with Huobi and Binance is absolutely ridiculous and probably illegal. I'm 100% against exchanges using user funds to vote.

But, I still don't see why the softfork222 was needed in the first place? Justin bought that stake. The whole point of this platform is stake weighted influence. It seems like a lot of people just didn't like him or just didn't trust him from the start so the witnesses decided to soft fork his funds to the freezer lol.

Am I missing something here? I'm just confused about why the soft fork was needed in the first place? Other than disliking the guy or not trusting him.

07.03.2020 03:56


06.03.2020 12:13

Thank you for supporting Steem community. I resteemed this article.

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06.03.2020 13:08

I don't know how to vote, I tried earlier did not work, I vited long backfor one witness. Let me try again... I don't understand this signaland frequency stuff... but I take it that Steem COmmunity is fighting to save from centralisation!! ...cool.

06.03.2020 14:38

Right, aliens invading Steem Blocchain

06.03.2020 14:40

06.03.2020 16:02

Now I know who to vote.. good read.

07.03.2020 01:39

Steempeak is great!

07.03.2020 17:52

I am glad to see you back! This community is stronger than “some” might have thought. It’s my home since June 2016! I expect every single One of you to fight for keeping it safe. Thank you!

08.03.2020 02:03

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08.03.2020 09:51

the Busy.org presentation in Krakow was full of so much promise.... and then they kinda just disappeared. Would love to see them bounce back strong. I still use it for posts every now and then.

08.03.2020 18:35

I know it's a weird time to ask with all the drama, but any plans to update the SteemWallet app? Mainly the browser, it would be GREAT to have custom bookmarks and maybe even tabs(?)... Another part of the browsing experience that is lacking is swiping to go back a page.

Another thing, if I try to approve a proposal on steempeak on the steemwallet app, the transaction always fails, "unable to serialize transaction: operations: No serializer for operation: update_proposal_votes"

Thanks 😊 😎

10.03.2020 05:59