Free Will and Indoctrination? Discuss.

Just some philosophical, psychological and ethical questions.thought-2123970_1920.jpg

NOTE: Remember, philosophy and ethics are manmade constructs.

Well these too things are quite different at first glance but are quote connected.

Indoctrination is ab ambiguous term, i must say. Schools are a form of indoctrination, i do not say that it is a bad thing. What i mean by this is simply that, they teach us what to do, how to live, what is right, what is wrong, what is lawful, and what is not.

This is a form of indoctrination, a way to tell us how to live 'our' lives. A way to program us.

So i ask, do we have free will? because I believe we act, say and are a certain way because of what we learn from our experiences throughout life.

We act like this because we learned something, perhaps a decade ago, and act or make a decision about something because of that thing that happened a decade ago.

We might not realize it but say that you are about to proppse to someone, they say yes, you have a child.

So was this child and proposal your decision or is just a decision made by you based on something that happened years ago?

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