Strawberry Teapot Photo-Manipulation With The Creation Steps ( Photoshop CC Tutorial YouTube Link )


Strawberry Teapot Photo-Manipulation


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Hey guys, it is being very cold here in North India. This is the first time that the temperature in my area has touched the zero degrees Celcius mark. In this cold season, ginger tea is best enjoyed in the Indian family. Today when I was having my tea, this idea of Strawberry Teapot Photo-Manipulation came to my mind. I searched for the reference pictures and downloaded them. I created many versions but this is the final one and I will be sharing all the creation steps for this art here and in the end you will be able to watch the whole tutorial on my Youtube channel by clicking on that link.

These are the reference images used in this effect if you wanna follow along, you can download them.

Stock Image Source Link

Now we will see the creation process steps here.

Step 1. I opened the tea-set image in Photoshop and cut out the kettle from it.


Step 2. I drew over and painted the different sections of the teapot with black color on the separate layers. We will add the strawberry texture on these parts individually so it is necessary that they are on separate layers.


Step 3. I cut some portion of the strawberry texture from the strawberry PNG and placed it over the different parts of the teapot and adjusted them to match the shape of the teapot.


Step 4. Now I added the highlighted and shadows to the teapot so that it does not look flat.


Step 5. I drew the teabag with its shadow and steam coming out of the cattle with the brush. I also change the background here.


Step 6. Then I added the cookies on the floor and added shadows, reflections on the floor. Also did some color corrections here with Camera Raw Filter.


And we are finished with the creative Photo-Manipulation. I spent one hour time to create.I hope you will love this artwork and support me to create these amazing effects.

If you wanna see the whole process with all the steps, you can watch the whole tutorial for the same on my YouTube channel.

I am also sharing the Tutorial Link here, just press the play button and make this cool artwork with the tutorial.

I am a professional digital artist, photo-editor and motion designer having experience of 5 years. If you also want these cool effects and creative logo animations for your text, logo or graphics, I will design them for you at very reasonable prices. You may contact me on telegram, discord or Fiverr. Here are my contact ids for these social handles.

TELEGRAM : @gauravrocksg DISCORD : @rocksg#4832

FIVERR : (Fiverr is a marketplace for the freelancer, you can watch my portfolio there and past works I have done for clients and place your own orders, it is very secure and safe)


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This is awesome, strawberry teapot is looking amazing. I love this creativity.

Have a nice day.

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06.01.2020 04:54

Nice! Someone shoul actually launch a fruit theme tea set using ur art as reference. I think it will be quite successful product.

06.01.2020 05:15