Perspective Bending (3D Illusion) Effect Photoshop Artwork With Detailed Creation Process (YouTube Tutorial Link)





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In this post, I am going to share this beautiful mind-blowing perspective-bending effect artwork created in Adobe Photoshop. This illusional 3D effect has inspired by the Inception movie. The same type of effect was also seen in Dr. Strange movie. Any landscape image can be turned into this beautiful effect with Adobe Photoshop.

So, let us now begin the creation process steps in brief. After the steps, I will also give the whole YouTube Tutorial link so you can learn all the techniques I used in it and create this artwork.

First, let me share the original stock images used in this effect.

Stock Image Source Link

Step 1. Open both the stock images in Photoshop and place them over one another matching their horizon lines.

Step 2. We will replace the sky of the below layer with the upper layer and it looks amazing in these types of Photo-Manipulations.

Step 3. Create a copy of this image, flip the image horizontally and then rotate by 90 degrees clockwise.

Step 4. Take the Polygon Lasso Tool And make the selection in the form of a triangle cutting the right half portion of the copied image diagonally and then apply the mask to it.

Step 5. Cut out the model from the first stock and place it like as shown in this image.

Step 6. Now we will add shadows and highlights to create the depth in the scene.

Step 7. In the end we will apply some color corrections and apply the color grading as per your liking.

And we are done with this cool Photo-Manipulation Artwork.

Watch The Detailed YouTube Tutorial Here

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