Nature Photography 📸 Of A Beautiful Dahlia Flower And My Best Edits






Spring is about is come in North India and we already have garden and parks loaded with beautiful flowers and plants. Dahlia is the most popular flower people love to grow in winters and the best part is that it can last upto summer time. Its flowers are very vibrant, thick and quite big. Even if you plant two or three plants of it , the space looks so full of greenery and flowers. One plant gives six to ten flowers at one time and even more. It doesn't require much care and easily grown. Different colors and variations are available in it if you visit any nursery.

How are these pictures of this beautiful Dahlia dark magenta color flower. These beautiful shots I took two years ago at the same time with my Nikon D5600 DSLR and 35 mm prime lens. I clicked bunch of pictures but here I have shared only the best out of them. I have edited these pictures with Adobe Lightroom Mobile App. Sometimes when you remember the past memories of the same time, pictures really take you to those moments and my photographs always make me nostalgic to those beautiful moments. I love to stare at them and immerse in the beautiful memories.

I wish that the upcoming spring season will bring more joy and happiness in your life and surroundings as the nature presents us with its beautiful and colorful flowers, butterflies, fragrances and cool weather.

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