Creative Text Portrait Effect Created In Photoshop And The Whole Tutorial With YouTube Link


In this new post, we are going to create this powerful and colored Text Portrait Effect in Adobe Photoshop CC. Instead of text, we can use any shapes like flowers, patterns silhouette in it. These text portraits look amazing and create a great impact on the viewers.

text portrait.jpg

Text Portrait Photo-Effect


Quick Process GIF

Let us just start the tutorial to learn this cool effect.

Step 1. Cut Out The Subject


This is the stock image we will use to create this text portrait effect. You can download it from the source link below it and follow along with the tutorial.

Open your portrait in Photoshop by pressing Ctrl+O. Then select the Quick Selection Tool And Cut Out the subject from the background by clicking on the select subject option. This option only comes in CC versions so if you have some earlier version, you can use the brush or pen tool.

After that click on select and mask option and with the refine edge brush tool, paint over the hair and this will remove all the complex background in between the hair which is not possible by quick selection tool.

Now click on the layer mask icon and it will add the mask to this layer and our subject will be separated from the background. And create a new blank layer below this layer and fill it with the black color.

Step 2. Creating The Displacement Map.

After that, we will convert this image into back and white and add some contrast to it with hue/saturation and levels adjustments layers.

then we will make a copy of all the three layers and merge them into a single layer and apply some blur to this layer.

Then press the Ctrl+ALT+S or go to the file menu and select save as and save this as displacement.psd on your computer. We will use it later in this tutorial.

Step 3. Generate the word cloud and save it.

After that go to change the texts and settings as per your image and save the word cloud as .svg format on your computer. We will use this word cloud for this effect.

Step 4. Apply The Word Clouds On The Portrait.

Open this word cloud file in Photoshop and change the color of all the words to white by increasing the lightness to 100 in hue/saturation adjustments. And drag this layer to over the portrait.

Apply some drop shadow to this layer and adjust the size.

Create many copies of this layer, transform them and fill over the whole portrait.

Now select all these text layers and merge them into a single layer.

Now move this layer below the portrait layer and put these two layers into a group.

Apply the same mask on this group by dragging it on the group layer. This will add this to both the portrait and text layers.

Now select the text layer and apply the displacement map to it by going to filters, then distort and then displace. Locate the displacement.psd file we created earlier. Keep the horizontal and vertical scale value as 10.

This will displace the texts according to the displacement map. If needed more displacement, repeat the same process and change the value to 3.

Now press CTRL key and click on the text layer and this will make a selection of all the text in it.

Then click on the portrait layer and add the mask to it . This will reveal the image through the displaced text.

Now change the blending mode of this layer to linear burn and apply some contrast to it by curves and we are done with the final effect.

I hope you really loved this tutorial and learn something new by it. I have put great time and effort to create this beautiful effect.

I have uploaded the whole tutorial on my YouTube channel, click the play button below to watch it.

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