Broken Scattered Glass Effect On Portraits Photoshop CC Tutorial




A very cool and creative effect created in Photoshop CC. Pieces of broken glasses scattered in the air in front of a model and looking like the image has been captured through some camera. I have also added some radial blur to the glass pieces to make the portrait look realistic. The detailed tutorial has been uploaded on YouTube , watching it you can learn the whole process very easily.

Get the original stock image here

Watch The YouTube Tutorial Here

I am a professional digital artist, photo-editor and motion designer having experience of 5 years. If you also want these cool effects and creative logo animations for your text, logo or graphics, I will design them for you at very reasonable prices. You may contact me on telegram, discord or Fiverr. Here are my contact ids for these social handles.

TELEGRAM : @gauravrocksg DISCORD : @rocksg#4832

FIVERR : (Fiverr is a marketplace for the freelancer, you can watch my portfolio there and past works I have done for clients and place your own orders, it is very secure and safe)


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Hi rocksg,

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25.12.2019 14:09


The photos look totally artistic, very cool

Greetings from Venezuela♡

25.12.2019 14:33

hi dear @rocksg, this is great, this broken mirror effect is really amazing !! keep on ;-D congratulations and merry christmas

25.12.2019 20:04