Exploring near by places and wandering around the RAMGHAT.

My phone rang, "WIt was chilled Winter morning, phone rang, from the otheing to go' Ramghat', will you join with us ?" Why not of course ! Ramin?" "Of course!". Ramg to go' Ramghat', will you join with us ?" Why not of course ! Ramghat is a picnic place in the outskirts of our village. We then headed to the the place, we were six. The connectivity is quite poor to Ramghat, may be; due to lack of investment in the sectors of tourism. You may notice dense forest covered with varied speciesesh.


e reace to be in touched with the greatest creator, yes nature !

We reached here after passing through some narrow roads enjoying bumpy rides all through the dense forest in both sides. We didn't get a chance to come here as it lacks in good connectivity and safety. But, we finally decided to come here and enjoy the touch of nature. Looking at the flowing water, one of my friends put off the clothes and jumped into the water. He was enjoying his bath, but, I refused to join ! In cold days it is a tough task to have a bath, you understand the difficulty, right ? When you are with your friends and you say no to something, they can't breath properly untill your no turns yes. Yes me too ! Imagine, me in cold water, shivering badly, the more I wanted to escape, the more they pulled me and you know the the situation after that.

It was time to take sunbath. We then put on the clothes and warmed us for sometime. Stepping little further, one thing attracts us, the hanging bridge without support in between ! The capacity is only five person at a time. You can enjperly.
![IMG-20ng in the middle of the perly.

![IMG-20d aged and needs the repairing works to be done properly.

Construction of a new bridge has been going on, but, emphasis should be given on speedy completion. The state is blessed with immense beauty, it requires the attention of the state as well as the central for boosting up the tourism sector to extract best out of it. What we are lacking is implementation, though the planning is perfect. Planning without proper implementation is like a enation.
![IMG-20o reververance. I hope ination.

![IMG-20tion in coming days and flourish as a tourist destination.

Stomach was making weird sounds and we decided to have some fast foods altogether. After that it was time to take another road - the road not taken so far. Catching a new road we returned to the highway. Alexa was not also helping to find the way to highway - network was poor. Asking a local people - " Brother, can you tell me the way to the highway ?" He replied, you had to cross a small river to reach the highway. Omg ! We didn't have any other options and headed forward searching the road not taken yet. In the picture, you can see the road connecting to main road. Somehow you were able to find the way after searching for half an hour.

Five hours, no call from parents; it feels like a bird flying out from the cage. No no you're wro........i hope Inother side - " come home within........I hope InIf you unable to do so, the consequences are not .........i hope Indian friends may guess the consen worser or some Indian moms are overridden by een worse or sometart telling this to them the situation may get even worser or sometimes the worst. It is their love to their children. How old you are, you are always remain as a child to yourh."
![IM" When you look into your moEarth."

![IMG-20 Know that is the purest love you can find on this Earth."
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It was a wonderful outing with amazing buddies. Exploring near by places gives me a refreshing staion.

I h to be sad about that. JUST have fun.
I hope tive, getting the toucoon.basic elements of creation. I hope you ou soon.
doing well. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day. See you soon.

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18.01.2020 04:39

Nature is full of many incredible things, God made it to perfection and I like how they want and protect nature, as it is part of our days on earth. It's a beautiful view and journey that you made through your blog and even more what you were telling us, what impressed me the most was the hanging bridge is quite small and that is a little scary but I like that people like you do this. Beautiful photographs, plus the diversity of the soil is perfect for capturing. Congratulations.


18.01.2020 14:33

Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, nature is love. Yeah, hanging bridge needs to be repaired soon.

20.01.2020 14:22

hello dear @rockonbhai, this is very nice;)) there is nothing better than spending a nice day with friends in a beautiful place !! it is true that all this splendor and perfection make an excellent creator believe, but I like you, are sceptic;)) congratulations and keep on

18.01.2020 18:43

Glad, you liked it ! Yes, the time spent with friends is always a memorable one.

19.01.2020 02:59

Beautiful tour I hope you enjoyed it. The landscape looks very peaceful. As for mothers ... in the whole world they are like that (not only Indian mothers) hahaha.
I agree with you

When you look into your mother's eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this Earth.

Cheers @rockonbhai

19.01.2020 01:02

Glad you liked it ! Haha, yes @marcybetancourt Evey mother is like that.

20.01.2020 16:18