I think my account got hacked Steemit??

My image uploader does not work!?????????

All of a sudden nothingworks!!! How can I sell this account to my friend if it is not working. Everything is grey and hard to read? I'm not sure, anyone know why? How could it work for some people and not others. I had to go next door to my neighbors house to get him to upload it with his steemit, and then email the image markup back to me just to show you, and it took about half an hour to post, and I don't want to bug him again, he is really scary, my neighbor that is! He sold my sister an I two accounts!! I paid 5000 dollars for the two accounts and all the SP, (as is) whatever that means. He had an ad on craigslist.

Please Help?!

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Nope, you didn't get hacked.

14.07.2019 19:36