awesome-steem for Steem developers

You might know the awesome projects on GitHub, such as awesome-php and awesome-vue, which summarized the coolest projects and tools built by community for a specific technology.

As one tiny step of the initiatives to improve the developer experience for Steem developers, especially for those who are new to Steem, we're creating this awesome-steem project to summarize the helpful development resources for Steem ecosystem, including SDKs, tutorials, libraries, example projects with source code, devops, community, etc. to make the learning and building process easier.

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We believe Steem will be more and more powerful when the dream of SMT comes true, and it's the time now to review what we have in our toolbox and improve the developer experience and social impact of Steem, in order to eventually drive more innovation, and bring more public goods to the human and universe.

If you have anything in mind want to add into the awesome-steem project, feel free to leave your comments in the post or submit pull request to the project.

Below is a snapshot of the content which you can find from the awesome-steem project.

Awesome Steem

A curated list of awesome Steem frameworks, libraries, applications and resources


Documents & videos about Steem


The Steem blockchain infrastructure

  • Steem (code) - The blockchain for Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) and decentralized applications
  • Hivemind - Developer-friendly microservice powering social networks on the Steem blockchain.


SDKs for common languages

  • JavaScript
    • steem.js - The official JavaScript library for Steem blockchain
    • dsteem - Steem blockchain RPC client for JavaScript
  • Python
    • steem-python - The official Python (3) library for the Steem Blockchain.
    • beem - A comprehensive Python library to interact with the STEEM blockchain
  • Ruby
    • steem-ruby - the official Ruby library for the Steem blockchain
  • Swift
    • swift-steem - Steem client library for iOS, macOS and Linux written in Swift
  • Java
    • SteemJ - An API Wrapper for Steem written in Java
  • Go
    • go-steem - Golang RPC client library for Steem
  • Rust
    • SteemClientRS - Client library for Steem blockchain built with Rust
  • .NET
    • Steem.Net - .NET library and classes to communicate with STEEM steemd/cli-wallet


  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Game
  • Data


Tutorials for getting started with Steem

Tools / Utilities

Useful tools/utilities when building with Steem

  • Block Explorer
    • steemd - The Steem block, transaction and account explorer
    • Steem World - A visual and powerful Steem information explorer
  • Authentication / Wallet
  • Data Service
    • SteemSQL - A publicly available Microsoft SQL database containing all the Steem blockchain data.
    • eSync - Extracts Steem blockchain data and saves into Mongodb
  • Witness


Some cool dApps built with Steem

  • Social Blogging
    • Steemit (code) - The 1st official blog dApp for Steem, made by Steemit Inc.
    • Busy (code) - A clean and user-friendly blog dApp for Steem
    • Steempeak - A powerful and performant blog dApp for Steem
    • eSteem (code) - A powerful frontend dApp for Android, iOS, Desktop and Web
    • Partiko - An excellent mobile client for iOS and Android
    • Steempress (code) - A WordPress plugin to power your website
      with blockchain technology.
  • Video
    • DTube (code) - Decentralized video sharing community that rewards creators and curators.
  • Photography
    • nTOPAZ - A platform for talent find, development, and respect and reward artistic endeavors that are fair and transparent.
    • Wherein - Social media platform made for light blogs similar to Instgram
  • Travel
    • Steemit Worldmap - A Google map app and community for sharing travel stories
    • TravelFeed (code) - A dApp for sharing travel experience and earn rewards
  • Food
    • Tasteem - A dApp for sharing recommended food and restaurants
  • Game
    • Splinterlands - A collectible trading card game on the Steem blockchain
  • Science
  • Product
  • Funding
    • Fundition (code) - A crowdfunding and collaboration platform on Steem
  • Automation
    • SteemAuto (code) - An dApp for automatic claiming payouts, automatic curation, and scheduling posts.
    • steemrewarding (code) - A automatic upvote service for Steem

Smart Media Token

A Token Protocol based on Steem

Steem Engine

A platform that empowers creating tokens and tribes on Steem


Online tools and APIs to simplify development.

Continuous Integration

Also see awesome-CIandCD.

  • CircleCI - A CI service that can run very fast parallel testing.
  • Travis CI - A popular CI service for your open source and private projects. (GitHub only)
  • Vexor CI - A continuous integration tool for private apps with pay-per-minute billing model.
  • Wercker - A Docker-based platform for building and deploying applications and microservices.

App Deployment

  • Heroku - a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud.
  • Netlify - an all-in-one workflow that combines global deployment, continuous integration, and automatic HTTPS.

Steem DAO

Steem DAO is dedicated to improve the Steem platform


Where to find more resources about Steem.

Developer Community

  • SteemDevs Chat - a Discord channel where Steem developers go to discuss Steem development, and related topics


  • SteemFest - The annual conference and social events for Steemians

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thanks~ Please feel free to share.

This project follows a CC BY 4.0 license. :)

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Nice initiative. I’d be happy to join.

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welcome to work together to make the doc more helpful for developers!

any suggestions are appreciated, or please feel free to send PR in the repo for any good ideas :)

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Awesome-awesome. I've got a bit of Open Source steem software on GitHub. Not sure if it'd fit well snaddyvitch-dispenser

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sure~ please feel free to share your recommended repositories/projects/applications here, or send a PR in the repository: :)

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i'm gonna add any missing to my android/ios app! -- thank you for the list, feel free to add the app there! --

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sure. great job @teamhumble!

I believe SteemGlider should be quite helpful to the steem users. I also love SteemProjects, but I think it's nice to provide a more user-friendly UI for the end users who know very little about Steem, with documents, tips, events, etc. if possible.

And is SteemGlider open source?

awesome-steem is collecting the resources for developers, and it will try to also include the source code of the projects and tools.

I think we can build SteemGlider into a fascinate App Store (with both web and mobile version) for end users, so especially newbies can search and compare applications and tools easily. I feel Steem App Store might be an alternative name for SteemGlider, if you don't mind. :)

18.10.2019 03:40

Yeah this is for users not developers, would love to see a developer version, I’ve started putting the developer links in one of the menu for those users that might be developers too. As a user that put it together I’m fond of the name. I look forward to the developer community pulling together an open source Cross platform app - I just wanted to use a tool (#nocode) something off the shelf for the users ;)

Either way it’s all good for engagement and outreach.

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I didn't see the PR in the repo. Could you please send the link of the PR?

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great. thanks. I have added some comments in the PR :P

And thanks for sharing the finding. This is pretty helpful!!

I feel that repo is mainly built for Steem end users rather than developers, but it would be definitely helpful to add the missing project from that repo. :)

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