Introduction of 'Shit Post Sunday'...Try to Write "Traditional" Blog Post in under 90 seconds

Okay I want to have some fun with this. And I cannot take full credit for the name because I got the title from @wwwiebe when I was viewing his blog.

But the concept is all mine :)


  1. You have 90 seconds to write a blog post from start to finish about anything your heart desires
  2. Try to make it as high quality as you can and the "concept" should be at the spur of the moment
  3. Or (here is the catch) is it even possible to be high quality in such a short period of time ...hence the title "Shit Post Sunday"

    I just went first :)

P.S. I will give 100% upvotes to all who enter this with Tag ;)

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26.01.2020 10:52

Should be fun to see the Shit Posts. Resteemed to give more exposure.

26.01.2020 13:03

Neat idea! I"ve got two posts I already need to make (which will definitely take more than 90 seconds), but I'm going to see if I can squeeze one in!

26.01.2020 20:52

Am still pretty much wondering if I can try it in 90 seconds

27.01.2020 01:17

Good luck to everyone who enters. I can't even get logged-in in 90 seconds sometimes, so I don't think I would be able to post! :)

27.01.2020 13:25

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