Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and Houston Police Department kidnapped my children

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services falsified petitions and reports to the Harris County 315th Court in Houston Texas which allowed them to kidnap my children. Two of my older children lived with their Father and even wit the aid of Guardian Ad Litem Jennifer Alvarez-Smith.

The caseworker Jalissa Johnson was fired for filing false reports amongst other things according to Texas DFPS but they still never returned my children.

Towards the ending of my case, I gave birth to a baby boy and there was no case on him until the caseworker Tyheshia Gillum called in a report with the aid of Houston Police Department Investigator E. Cruz who falsified information to obtain a criminal charge and arrest me while they apprehended my children unlawfully.

They acknowledge the wrongdoing but refuse to give me my children back and are pursuing Termination of Rights.jj.jpg1570389010712.jpg

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