Hemp Falafel: Finally Nailing a Bean Pattie That DOESN'T Fall Apart

My mother is the undisputed champion of lentil rissoles. Since 1973, she has been making the most perfect rounds of yumminess, making my father emit little satisfied sounds as he munches down on what he declares his favourite meal ever, which is quite an accolade, as Mum's a kickass cook. You'd think that the ability to make said rissoles by her daughter would be inherited or at least taught. 'They're so easy' she says. 'Just cook the lentils, add...' and so on. Except, every time I've tried to make them, they've fallen apart in sloppy messes, either in the forming stage or as I fry them. Most rissoles or patties I make do. You see, I'm an intuitive cook - measuring precisely is beyond me, and Mum measures everything, following recipes in her folder of newspaper and magazine clippings and internet finds she's been compiling since the family became vegetarian in the 1970's.

Not Mum's lentil burgers. She's never instagrammed her food.

This week, I had to tell Mum I nailed it. I finally created the easiest, fail safe veggie pattie come falafel come rissole ever. They didn't fall apart. They worked twice, with two different sorts of beans. And they earnt the 'I Could Eat These Every Day' award from my man. Mum's reply? 'Oh yes, I've been making similar patties this year - I just froze twenty of them for easy meals'. Gah. Why is Mum always one step ahead of me?

The plotting, scheming and planning of these falafels (I'll call them falafels, because they are bite sized ish, and contain beans - traditional falafels have chick peas) started with the purchase of one giant bag of hemp seeds.


Why Hemp Seeds?

I can guarantee that Mum wasn't using hemp seeds in the 1970's, anything cannabis related being shown the sign of the cross by the mainstream media. However, hemp has been used for centuries as a food, and is looked at more and more as a viable food crop. Whilst expensive, a little goes a long way, and these falafels only take about 1/2 cup each.


Hemp seeds have as much protein as soy beans1, which is good news for those that might not be able to handle soy because of gastrointestinal intolerances or concerns over GMO and the damage of mainstream agriculture that cuts down forests for millions of acres of soy beans.

Hemp is touted as being extremely high in omega 3's and other nutrients that suggest it is good for heart health. It's very rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) and other polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, a lot more research needs to be done, according to this research paper - hemp is underresearched particularly because of it's association with cannabis as a drug.

According to this advisory study hemp is like many other nuts and seeds, containing a lot of amazing nutrients for our bodies. They contain a lot of protein, omega oils and dietary fibre, as well as magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and iron.

Image source

Hemp products have also been touted as being able to cure diabetes (hemp kombucha) or dermatitis - however, like any 'natural medicine', do your own research. The bottom line is hemp seeds are a great addition to any diet.

In my cupboard, I have a lot of hemp flour, which I add small amounts to muesli slices or cakes as I find it very green and quite dry. I do like hemp seed oil as an alternative to fish oil, and hemp protein powder is good in smoothies. Out of all the hemp seed products, however, hemp seeds are my favourite - they are nutty and palatable, great in mueslis and protein bars and sprinkled on salads.

Do you have a favourite hemp food product?


Borlotti Bean Falafels with Berbere Spice

Berbere (ber – be – ray) spice is an Ethiopian spice mix that is reminscent of a curry powder or a morroccan style tagine powder. It's usually hot and spicey - in fact, the word means 'pepper'. There are many different versions of this spice mix, but it essentially is made of hot chilli, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, turmeric and other spices. If you don't have any berbere spice, try a curry powder or your favourite spicey spice blend!

1 can drained borlotti beans
1 tbsp of berbere spice mix
1 handful of fresh parsley
Juice of 2 lemons
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp of tahini
1 small shallot or spring onion
1/2 cup of hemp seeds


Blend all ingredients except the hemp seeds. The lemon should be added gradually, depending on the kick in your blender - whilst it adds great flavour, I used it to help blend the beans with the other ingredients. Then, add your hemp hearts and blend so they are mixed through. Form into patties and coast with more hemp seeds, then fry in oil until golden. Serve on top of salad with a vegan sour cream.

A Note on Vegan Sour Cream

There are many easy recipes for a creamy dairy free 'sour cream'. You can make it with aquafaba or with nuts. Lemon juice to me is the key to this, giving it a 'sour' taste. The easiest way to make it, however, is with coconut yoghurt, simply adding salt, lemon juice and whatever herbs you like, if using - in this recipe, I used parsley. For a nut cream, simply blend nuts with lemon juice to the desired consistency, along with a bit of coconut or nut milk or coconut cream.


Black Bean Falafels with Sauted Kale & Corn

There's something about mexican flavours that makes me desire corn. Rather than popping these falafels on a bed of salad, they were balanced on top of lemony kale and shaved corn on the cob, sauted with coconut oil and liberally doused with lemons. Lemon and kale are amazing together - the more lemon the tastier.


As for the falafels, I followed the same recipe from the day before, with a few simple switches. This time, I used black beans, and changed my spice mix slightly, adding a little fire cider as I was running low on lemons and wanted a slightly different tang to the lemony kale. Fire cider is a fantastic lemon subsitute, and all the better for having garlic infused into it, which my husband tolerates in this form but not raw.

This time, the sauce or dressing was coconut yoghurt with smoked salt (I find coconut yoghurt on it's own a little too sweet for a savoury dish, and it always seems to need salt in my opinion) and smoked paprika. Fresh coriander would be great in this dressing. A splash of fire cider also gave it a bit of tang that you'd expect from a mexican style sour cream.

Mexican Style Black Bean Falafels

1 can drained black beans
1 tbsp each of ground cummin, turmeric and coriander
1 handful of fresh coriander
4 - 5 slices of jalapeno
Splashes of fire cider
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 small shallot or spring onion
1/2 cup of hemp seeds

Blend the first seven ingredients first, without the hemp seeds. It wants to be quite thick - in fact, my blender struggled a little as it's a cheap blender, so yours might work a little better. If it's struggling to blend, add splashes of fire cider or lemon juice. Don't bother blending until it's really smooth - chunks of black bean add interest and texture. Then, add your hemp seeds and blend until mixed. If your mix is a bit of the liquid side (only if you've accidentally added too much liquid) add a few more hemp seeds. Roll the mixture into 6 - 7 balls, and toss in a bowl of hemp seeds. Fry with oil of choice until golden brown, and serve on top of sauted vegetables with a drizzle of coconut sour cream (and extra jalapenos, of course!).

Have you ever made hemp seed falafels? What recipe did you try?

What is your favourite vegan rissole recipe?


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03.02.2020 04:01

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Vegetarian cooking is like a foreign language to me, but the information is very interesting and useful (and I plan to eventually use it :)) ..... That was either a really fat smiley, or an improper use of parenthesis...

Anyway, your ability to cook a complex dish that is focused on your health to that degree is impressive. When we get a little more settled, I am sure that I will be following some of your direction on healthy eating.

Thanks and nice post! :) ... Wow... look... my smiley lost some weight after reading your post!!

03.02.2020 05:06

Ha, old school smileys in parentheses are confusing!

It IS hard for you guys to be healthy cooks in your situation. How DO you manage the food thing, by the way? Do you have a cooking set up at all? Take care.

03.02.2020 20:10

Check out this post. It will explain some new developments in our life. :) Lol.. old school smileys... Here's the link for that: https://esteem.app/hive-100421/@badseedalchemist/the-fruits

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03.02.2020 06:17

Wow, looks SO yummy! I really like hemp seeds, I find them great as a smoothie bowl topping but I’ll for sure try and use them more in cooked dishes.

03.02.2020 07:08

Me too... I didn't think of savoury, but they WORK. Xx Let me know if you try it xx

03.02.2020 11:23

The Hempire Strikes Back! Looks pretty delightful, but I think it needs a bit of your favourite herb 🌿 the dill weed 🤗

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03.02.2020 08:20

This is a seriously amazing post and recipe. I really detect your passion for cooking. Wow thanks for sharing!

03.02.2020 08:51

Awwww... I have passion half the time, and the other time I wish to be doing anything but cooking! These were fun to make though and I did enjoy writing this post!!!

03.02.2020 20:08

This is an incredible recipe! I love using hemp seeds in everything-- as you noted they are so good for you! I hadn't thought to line my falafel with them though so thank you for the great idea! I got my mom to bring me some from Canada because they have incredible seeds grown in Manitoba and she was concerned it was a "drug" also. I think times will change and we will see this plant medicine step into the spot light as an extraordinary cure all! <3

03.02.2020 10:54

Ah yes I should also use the #weedcash tag too. Thanks for reminder. They are such versatile things and are definitely a fave for cooking with!

03.02.2020 20:03

Didn't know about that tag haha great one!

04.02.2020 05:35

Success!!! The elusive patties that actually stick together. And two variations to boot! Bookmarking this one for sure. I actually cooked some lentils yesterday to give some burgers a go. I haven't used lentils for patties in a while, so should be fun to play around with them. I do love some hemp seeds, too, so might just have to toss some into mine when I make them. Though I think I might need to stock back up soon. They are one of those ingredients that I love using for their health benefits, but then I also tend to horde them and only take them out for special occasions since they can be a bit pricey. 🤣

03.02.2020 18:40

Yeah they are pricey! I was lucky to pick up a big bag cheap. Let us know if your burgers work! Enthused and made a heap to freeze yesterday. I forgot how great a rissole/burger/path is can be for a meal... they definitely don't always have to be between bread and I enjoyed the kale version the best!

03.02.2020 20:07

Totally worth the price, but it is nice when you find them on sale. :) There really is something satisfying about a nice veg patty. As a gal who grew up on burgers, they definitely always hit home in a good way. Much healthier now, too, haha.

03.02.2020 22:18

It just breaks my heart that a plant has been demonized, all due to one of it's properties that get's you 'high'. There is so much more cannabis has to offer then just THC, and it's seeds for healthy food being on that list. Thanks for sharing this kick ass recipe!

03.02.2020 21:19

No worries, let me know if you try it - it's sooo good! xxx

04.02.2020 02:29

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Congratulations on perfecting your bean pattie! They look so scrumptious and such a lovely variety of ways to prepare them! They've got my thumbs up for delicious and nutritious! Thanks for sharing!

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03.02.2020 21:40

Thanks @porters!!! I'm not sure they'd fit your keto diet though, sadly!

04.02.2020 02:29

No the beans have to many carbs for the Keto diet but hemp hearts are great - use them in my smoothies.

04.02.2020 04:40

What a great lunch treat indeed

04.02.2020 00:34

Mmnnnn... this looks absolutely amazing riverflows!!

In 5 months when I finish my keto odyssey I will look this recipe up lol ;-)

04.02.2020 19:41

Both of your patties/falafels sound really delicious with all those ingredients @riverflows, rolling it in hemp seeds must make it more crunchy I would imagine? I've only made lentil patties and they turned out great, hemp seeds is very expensive here! Fabulous post!

04.02.2020 20:36

Thankyou. Not crunchy.. they are quite soft! Perhaps you can buy some for a special treat xx

05.02.2020 11:18

Now I'm curious, will have to try it sometime;)

06.02.2020 04:50

These look so so good. I have hemp everyday with my breakfast, at the moment I am back having smoothies for breakfast, I make a seed mix every few days that have hemp seeds in them and I also like to make my energy balls with that seed mix too.
Damn but your recipes always make me hungry you are one fine cook my friend xxxx

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