Win 250 USD for you BTC price tip | by BlockFi

Win $ 250 for your correct bitcoin tip on 7th November 2019. The contest is hosted by


Just enter your name, email address and your personal bitcoin tip for a price on 7th November of this year and that's it.
You can submit your tips until 25th October, so till this Friday.

On this web, you can put your tip:


And why such a competition? Why does BlockFi actually do this?

It's simple, for promotion reasons.

BlockFi operates with cryptocurrency loans. You can lock up your crypto for the interest of 6-8% per year. This is definitely not bad, but also it's not without risk. So if you are going to give a try to this service, give more time to your own research.

I just wanted to spread the information about this competition and I am not registered in BlockFi, just to let you know.

PS. If you gonna compete and guess the BTC price, you don't need to put there your primary e-mail (Gmail etc.). Always consider having at least one secondary e-mail address for these kind of promotional stuff.

You can spread your tip in the comments section down below this article outside the competition, just for letting me know.


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Upvoted and resteemed @ritxi

22.10.2019 07:56

Dear @ritxi

Interesting marketing campaign. I joined, however I personally do not think anyone can be so specific with price prediction and win (hopefully they will chose someone who has been the closest as a winner).

And why such a competition? Why does BlockFi actually do this?

It's quite obvious that they are building subscription list. Interesting way of attracting traffic.

Upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

22.10.2019 08:00

Thanx @crypto.piotr, yes it is not a bad one. Surely, they will get a huge subscription list, but someone can use the secondary e-mail address as I mentioned. Or even one-time e-mail (so-called masking e-mail) provided for example by Blur, so that won't hurt you that much.
About the borrowing of one´s crypto - maybe it's a bright future, but as I mentioned - I would wait with this a bit...

22.10.2019 08:17

I decided to share your post with wider audience @ritxi

Hope you don't mind :)

22.10.2019 08:39

Thanx, that's great :)

22.10.2019 08:45

Upvoted already Dear Friend!

22.10.2019 18:25

Nice to see you on top of the new business vocabulary. "Subscription list via dChains - directly target consumers who have yet to experience your product".

29.10.2019 19:14

This is amazing. I am going to do my prediction now. Thanks for sharing this, i will resteem and yell friends about it.

22.10.2019 08:16

Thank you, I also think it is a good competition.

22.10.2019 08:28

Through I'm not going to participate in anything like that, I'm upvoting.

Have fun @ritxi :)

22.10.2019 09:55

Thanx for your support :)

22.10.2019 11:23

PAPA needs new shoes! 😄

22.10.2019 10:03

Or approx 1800 STEEM 😊

22.10.2019 11:24

Thank you for letting me know about this Piotr!

22.10.2019 10:41

will participate now on this contest, thanks @crypto.piotr

22.10.2019 11:18

Thanks for the info, gonna participate!

22.10.2019 11:30

It's good to participate in these kinds of activities. With minimal security methods, for example, what you mention about security mail. Maybe you'll have a lucky break this time.

22.10.2019 11:30

Good idea, thanks @crypto.piotr. I'm already participating.

22.10.2019 12:16

Hello @ritxi, a while ago @crypto.piotr shared whith me your link, motivated that I have been posting some post on the behavior of cryptocurrencies, I appreciate that and I comment.

Bets always have a certain charm.

Although for my way of being, betting on something as imprecise as the price of a cryptocurrency is something I don't usually do, I have to say it sounds interesting.

I am curious if it will be considered an exact value (which would be difficult or impossible to hit) or a value with an "acceptable error rate" (which would imply a greater range to give correct answers).

Well, I wish you success and I will share the link in this post to spread it :)

22.10.2019 12:54

Thank you for your support, I assume the "best guess" will win, so no need to be precisely correct (like $8423,23). That is what I think.

22.10.2019 13:16

pulgares arriba.jpg

22.10.2019 20:00

I got to know about this contest through my friend @crypto.piotr and have submitted my prediction as well. Nice contest and I resteemed for more audience. Thanks.

22.10.2019 15:52

Great idea, thanks @crypto.piotr. I want to participate.

22.10.2019 15:57

Hello @ritxi, a while ago @crypto.piotr shared whith me your link, motivated that I have been posting some post on the behavior of cryptocurrencies.
resteem Thanks for the info 102.346

22.10.2019 16:49

Somewhere between $8,000 and $11,000...

22.10.2019 17:17

Upvoted & resteemed @ritxi ..

22.10.2019 18:23

Thanks so much @crypto.piotr for letting me know about this. I will definitely take a look at it. Upvoted.

22.10.2019 19:54

Good contest Thanks for the invitation. Excellent market strategy @crypto.piotr

23.10.2019 00:27

Hi @ritxi, and @crypto.piotr. Upvoted and Resteemd. Will give the contest a try, of course I'm hoping for $1 million per BTC. Ha ha. $3 Steem would be nice. Thanks again . . .

23.10.2019 02:00

Hi, done submitted mine thank you and have a nice day!

23.10.2019 02:03

Hello @ritxi thanks for the info.. I think it could be just a prediction and the system is only a marketing promotion. I check the link you share with us and saw a funnel of promotion...

Well.. Just curious .. I did my prediction, $8435.65 and waiting for the promotion emails..!!

have a great time..


23.10.2019 02:46

Thank you @ritxi and @crypto.piotr for introducing the latest contest, I am very happy to get the information and always support.

23.10.2019 09:34

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23.10.2019 18:54

@ritxi, I've participated in it. Thank you for letting us know. Stay blessed.

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24.10.2019 06:10

9200 dollars :)

24.10.2019 22:15

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25.10.2019 13:58

Thank you for sharing this to me @crypto.piotr!

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26.10.2019 11:38

The link was broken for me.

29.10.2019 19:16