Summer Struggles


The town has been doing a bang up job of raking the beaches — barely a quahog in sight all summer. Super frustrating for a woman who makes a living out scavenging for them, though. By the 4th of July, I had started accosting every poor stranger who said hello to me on the beach with moans and curses about my mysterious disappearing
Then, lmollusks.

Last week, I found a few while I was swimming with the boys, and I got it into my head that I might find more a little farther from shore. So I bought a mask from Job Lot — the cheapest mask at Job Lot — it’s really kind of a piece of shit — it leaks and fogs like nobodies business — but I love it! Today, for the first time in months, I brought home a hefty sack full of big, fat, purple shells. I also love the time spent diving for them. I can’t quite tell whether or not it’s good exercise, but it feels like it might be. It’s delicious, anyway. Absolutely delicious.

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Looks like after doing some work, you have some work ahead of you. lol Looking forward to seeing what you create

13.07.2019 15:15