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STEEM Investing Contest 26th Edition For a stronger account life in the future | #Club100


Hello everyone wherever you are.!
Steem investment is one of the best instruments for anyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency and will grow strong with the steemit platform in the future. We know, even though steemit is currently slowly moving into a more serious and competitive space, it still has room for a place to communicate freely and fun.

Joining a "Club" is a good step to encourage users to continue to invest to build steem growth in a better direction. I am happy to be in this workspace and join and maintain club100 principles for the purpose of building stronger account growth in the future.

Every award I will fully use as investment capital for the long term, and this is important for us for a better future on this platform. Today I again did a Steem power up of 332,124 Steem. The addition of this amount has increased the "Steem Power" of my account by 5,524 SP at this time.




I will continue to do Power Ups to achieve my main goal of getting to Double Dolphin. I really hope that this will be achieved in the near future.

This contribution post for the "Steem Investing" contest aims to invite all fellow steemians to be motivated to continue to do power ups continuously to increase account strength and be able to help and support other steemians.

My special thanks to Mr. @irawandedy and the entire team who have organized this great contest, also to all the steemians who have motivated me.

50% payout this post to charity account @worldsmile


Regards @ridwant / About MeHERE
It's really great to CAN JOIN WITH YOUR HERE
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