Brandaris Race 2019 - Part II [BLOG+Video]

If you did not read the previous blog entry please make sure to check it out here

Since there are so many photos I thought I upload you a raw video snipped of the race as well. I will do a complete video too, but this if for a later ime :)

And so the race went on!

This cloud in the background make this a spectacular shoot!

Let's zoom into this photo a bit more, since this is a panorama anyway!

If you sail with way to much sail in a controlled manner you just can grin!

The KNRM - the Dutch rescue coast guard was busy in the field as well... Nothing shall go wrong. Its good to have these guys around.

Sailing ship Avontuur - this boat is not only extremely good looking, it is fast as well... we were overtaken :'(

The Mare marieke looked very nice on this day. In 4 years I never saw the boat with full sails up!

Michael, the skipper was still fully focused.

Almost at the finish line :)

So I had some time to do more portrait photos.

A good look over the bow.

The others still hunting us.

The Hollandia and Groote Beer battle it out on their way to the finish line.

Noa had some time to chill since we were over the finish line :)

All in all: A insanely nice event for sailors. The forces, the wind, the water, the boats, the people - just spectacular and awesome. The only stupid thing was that my girlfriend could not attend due to work... grks! I will try to attend this next year again.

Oh and we placed 15th or something like this (it did not matter at all to us)

Thank you for checking out this little report from the Kuiper Brandaris Race 2019!

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I can even imagine the thrill of participating in that race from your post.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

29.11.2019 10:42

highly appreciated :) thanks man!

29.11.2019 11:13

15th place is just a number, what matters is that you had an amazing time doing what you love!!
Happy Sailing!

29.11.2019 12:22

i can not agree more. Thank you breezin :)

29.11.2019 12:31

Incredible article, @ricpicks. Congratulations on the reward.

30.11.2019 06:25