A Sailing short trip

This week, my girlfriend and me, rented a yacht and went though the Dutch seas... Due to our sailing tip / exhaustion / shore power I did not manage to upload anything... I guess within the next few day's I'll post a full blog entry.

Enjoy your eve!

Oh, and we took this photo yesterday eve in the harbor of Stavoren. I really liked the moon over the boats....<3

Photo statistics

Camera Sony a6000
Lense Sony selp 18-105
Focal length 37mm
Aperture F4
ISO 100
Exposure time 1/125
Panorama? no
Location Stavoren - Netherlands
Who am I, What do I do http://bit.ly/2tDEhpP
Download this photos? Yes: for private use - No: for commercial use!

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p.s. I do appreciate all critique - please give me your input!

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Congratz! I just resteemed and upvoted your post because…well, uh, I just liked it 😉 I Hope you enjoy it!
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05.09.2019 19:46

Thank you very much sir!

05.09.2019 20:00

Pleasure mine!
Make sure you read my last post about the PHOTO-tokens. I saw on your profile that you're missing out on those tokens...

05.09.2019 20:07