Alcazar Show, Pattaya, Thailand : Dazzling show with energetic acts and extravagant costumes


Alcazar is emerging as popular show worldwide and becoming globally famous with the reputation of the best transvestite cabaret show in Thailand. Alcazar Cabaret is one of Thailand’s most famous shows that has been around for several decades and it is included in the "Must Have" list to all the tour operators and tourists across global travelling to Bangkok, Thailand. The entertaining show is for people of all ages.



The show has evolved into the impressive dance and music show it is today, a glitz and glamour show with beautiful stage designs, dancers wearing extravagant costumes in vibrant colours with state of the art light and sound system. The performers are so beautiful that its really hard to believe that the > 250 performers participated in then show are actually transgenders or Lady Boys as they addressed.


The show is a perfect combination of great arts, acting, stage designing, costumes and impressive dance. The duration is around 70 minutes of impressive & entertaining performance worth to be remembered as ever. Really enjoyed this new and emerging trend of Entertainment as I have never been experienced in my life till Alcazar show full of amusements.


The state of the art computerized lighting system will gift you with amazing effects, Circle Surround Sound DTS System will do the rest to ensure you a memorable night. The show takes you through different countries and their cultures. During the 70-minute show you will see a good variety of acts including Korean K-Pop, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Russian.


I was excited and eagerly waiting to enter the theatre to watch this one of its kind Alcazar show.


So, if you travelling to Bangkok, Thailand do visit to Alcazar Show, Pattaya to make your trip memorable.

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