SteemDecathlon FanNation preseason S03E01 NFL PICK' EM All Contest Week pre3 - 10 SBI Prize

This is a preseason contest to get you all ready for the upcoming season for:
The Steem Decathlon Fan Nation NFL tourney All Games PICK' EM…

It's a classic weekly pick sheet with a vig for an end of preseason prize pool…(for those that used to do the underground ones)
For those who have never done a weekly pick sheet, it's one of the easiest to participate in.

Essentially you pick the winner of a each game each week.
You choose the winning team without the spread.

In our tourney, You can only make 1 set of picks per week.

Besides the .

How the The weekly Prize Pool works:

The player who makes the most correct picks will receive 4 SBI
2nd most 3 SBI
3rd 2 sbi
4th 1 sbi

Ties take the two (or three) postions and split the rewards
If it is an odd amount of SBI the tie breaker is the first person to make their picks in the reply here!

How preseason prize pool works:

all 4 weeks scores count none are thrown out.
Each correct Answer is worth a point,

At the star of the Season the a prize pool of 20 sbi will be distributed between the top 20% of participants (by total points).

each 5% of the total points is equivalent to 1 sbi. Numbers will be rounded down always, So if you have 7% you get 1 sbi, 4% gets nothing.

Distribution will be first second third honary mention, participation breakdown will be edited over the next few weeks.

How the season prize pool works:

There will be weeks were additional options for points or requirements are needed.


If you have not participated in The Steem Decathlon check out and upvote the following Blog posts:
Overview and the FAQ


1) Every participant must complete all the tasks in this list for their entry to be valid.
2) If you violate any of the instructions in this list your entry will not be valid.
3) You can only have 1 entry.
4 Upvote and resteem this post, and follow me before you put your entry in, so we can get your friends invited, build the reward pool, and so you know when the next event winners are announced. (this is not required)
6) You must make your entry prior to your picks start time.

8) Setup a Blog Post with the following Title:

SteemDecathlon FanNation preseason S03E01pre3 NFL PICK' EM - ENTRY

9) And set the first 2 tags

In the post and the reply here you will make a list the games you chose and give your picks.

That means a list of labels 1 to 16 this week.
Visiting team is use (a) for the pick and use (b) for the home team

1) b
2) a
3) b
4) b
5) b
6) b
7) b
8) b
9) a
10) a
11) a
12) a
13) b
14) b
15) a
16) b


So here are you games to make your picks from this week….
here are you games to make your picks from this week

10) Make sure to place you answers on your blog post.
After you make your blog post, reply to this post with a link to your post and include YOUR PICKS HERE. Each point will equate to a contest point, so make all the picks to appear on the leader boards.

Other events start every day or two.

Don't miss out….
The prize pools are already been over $50 this season!

The entry Period will end at kickoff for Monday night football
of course any picks made after a game start do not qualify….

Want to help out contact me on the discord channel

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Comments 4

here's my picks:

of course I had to take my giants!
1 b. Jacksonville Jaguars

2 b. Atlanta Falcons

3 b. Baltimore Ravens

4 b. Washington Redskins

5 b. Arizona Cardinals

6 b. Carolina Panthers

7 b. New York Giants

8 b. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9 b. Indianapolis Colts

10 b. Tennessee Titans
11 b. Pittsburgh Steelers

12 b. Houston Texans

13 b. Los Angelos Rams

14 b. Los Angeles Chargers
15 b. Minnesota Vikings

16 b. Denver Broncos

15.08.2019 23:32

My picks this week:
1 b.
2 a.
3 b.
4 b.
5 b.
6 b.
7 b.
8 b.
9 b.
10 b,
11 a.
12 b.
13 a.
14 b.
15 b.
16 b.

15.08.2019 23:44
16.08.2019 00:11

1 b.
2 a.
3 b.
4 a.
5 b.
6 b.
7 a.
8 b.
9 b.
10 b.
11 a.
12 b.
13 a.
14 b.
15 b.
16 b.

16.08.2019 02:00