Memeday S04M57E01 Impechment Party with the Bartender in the BathTub while eat Cotton Candy.- 12 sbi reward

Welcome to Memeday quickshot event...great news we are joining ContestKings So please read the minor changes

Another great week!
As always members of the Steeminati will be up-voting your entries... So spread the word.

Special note, there is a replacement judge through the end of the year. My brother s on vacation in Bali...While I suffer back here in the northeast...

Mondays I bring this Contest devoted to LAUGHTER of making a meme! Where you the contestants try and make all your fellow Steemian's laugh and turn your post into the Black Plaque Level Viral of sharing.
EVERY WEEK there are multiple Holidays and Events (Some Big Some Small)..
So the Pictures for the Subject of the Meme's are from that week's Holidays or the News.

There will always be the big Holiday and a few small ones. So right now you already know that you can brush off your firecracker jokes the week of July 4th. And bunny rabbits on Easter week....This should make it alot easier for my fellow Steemians..

To that end we have a different subject matter to make a Meme from each week.
While the Jokes don't have to be aligned with the subject matter the most important thing is it makes us laugh!!!
Unlike other contests, in Memeday you get more than one picture to choose from for inspiration….

This week's news has been dominated by impeachment, and then has some real great esoteric days, Bathtub party, Support your Bartender, and Cotton Candy Day.

So your creating a Meme from any one of the following 4 pics:









Here's an example of the I did real quick:


The original contest is inspired by likes of @fibra59 long running memechallenge.


  • Every participant must complete the tasks in this list for their entry to be valid.
  • You can have up to 4 entries on this contest.
  • Setup a Blog Post with the following Title:

    Memeday S04M57E01 -Entry #[number(s)] - [your title]
  • set the blog post first tag to #Memeday
  • the main body of the Post/entry is very simple:
  • the meme(s) you did, and place it in the POST, Which should include a reference back to this post and a comment about reasoning or inspiration you got from this contest on your blog post!

If you place this code at the banner at bottom of your post you will take care of the reference part:

This is my entry into Memeday Contest:


  • PLACE THE meme HERE with (a link to your post is not required but helpful for our checking purposes)

Here are the particulars related to the entry itself: petion.jpg
a) no profanity

b) you can change the background, move pieces around, cut dice and duplicate, as long as we can tell it came from the original picture. Just don't go to far a field.

C) BE FUNNY crazy.jpg

d) Watch out for grammer and spelling errors, the Present Judge is strict about it….

  • I will announce the winners a few days after it is over and the Judge tells me the placements in a post with the words [RESULT] infront of the title. The reward pool distribution will come out shortly after 7 days when the upvote rewards on this post are sent to me.
  • One rule, you can NOT reuse a prior posting it is considered at least disqualification
  • plagiarism will could be permanent disbarment from future events,
  • Everyone receives 1 participation, and 3 contestant points for each entry.
    -one final bit of information, the The humorless censoring thought nazi trolls at Flag Rewards who bully smaller accounts may cause you problems if you try to get your funny work placed on the Trending Page. So don't go too hog wild with Upvote Bots or services!

And Here's the change to the Rewards

  • The top 3 places will split the 10 SBI reward pool for this event 5, 3, AND 2 (you can only win one reward per event). If THERE IS A TIE THEN the rewards are split.
    There will be 1 SBI Share for the best 2 Honorable mentions as well,,,,
  • 1st will get an addition 15 contest point, 2nd 10, 3rd 5, and Honorable Mentions will receive 2 more each
    Other events start every day or two.

    Don't miss out….

Want to help out contact me on the discord channel

  • (not required) Please Upvote and resteem this post, and follow me before you put your entry in, so we can get your friends invited, and build the reward pool.

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You must make your entries prior to the 12 midnight this upcoming Sunday after initial post.

May the farce be with you!

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