“More of That Sweet, Immaterial, Crypto-Art!” by Richard F. Yates

I’ve decided that what I am is a non-traveling burlesque show. I’ve got freaks, I’ve got snake oil, I’ve got whopping lies and tales of exotic places (sure, they’re lies, but they’re GOOD lies---lies that REALLY entertain---and that’s what the people WANT!) I just need a cotton candy machine…

Speaking of sweets, I’ve got some new CRYPTO-ART to share with you folks. (Crypto-art isn’t sweet, but I don’t care---I still have some to share!) (The COLORS are very candy-like, though, and I use a lot of CHILDLIKE motifs in my work, [although, I admit---they are a bit warped], AND I think that puppets would like my stuff, if someone was willing to ask a puppet for its opinion once in a while... I may be getting off track…)

SO!!! New CRYPTO-ART, tokenized by the fine folks at MakersPlace. Each piece is available in a single, unique edition of ONE. (I used to do multiple editions, when I first started---and nobody was buying anything---but it felt weird… I would have TEN editions of a piece available, but nobody even wanted the first one! HA! Now, I just make ONE, and sometimes, people buy them! And then they’re gone…

First come---first served! You snooze---you lose! Yadda yadda yadda… Greatest show on Earth! You know what I mean? Check out my MakersPlace store to see all the weird stuff! It’s super fun---and I have some of the best PRICES on the MIDWAY! Come one---come all! And no one gets out alive!!!

Here’s the NEW stuff:


“The Musician”
the musician (7 jul. 2019) by rfy.png
Mariah ("The Wife") saw this piece as a sketch---before I colored it---and said, "Is that like a potato-guitar?" Sure. Yeah. Potato guitar... (What the HELL is a potato guitar?)

I was going for some kind of undefined musical instrument / composer combo creature---and I don't know why there are several moons. (Maybe this is a different planet? Maybe this is a musical piece that takes place over four nights? Maybe somebody who is watching the performance has a head injury or is really drunk and seeing quadruple? I don't know. I don't interpret this stuff---I just get it down on paper...or in this case on cardboard...)

[This piece is ink on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments and color. 2019.]

Not sure why the folks watching the performance through the windows above look so unhappy, either. Maybe they don't like the tune. Maybe this composer is some kind of musical genius and the number he's performing is too advanced for the folks who are witnessing it. (He'll probably be judged more generously by future generations...)

And that's what this piece is all about---I guess... (If you have a better explanation, feel free to share it with me! I'd love to know what it REALLY means...)


“Inverse-Square Law #2
inverse-square law 002.png
This piece is about turning the light off when leaving a room...
This piece is about the inevitability of death...
This piece is about expecting the unexpected...
This piece is about how everything starts and then ends with a snake...
This piece suggests that society is changing everyone into monsters...
This piece is about sex...
This piece isn't about anything at all...
This piece is about my ultimate desire to own a pinball machine... some day...


“Sunflowers (Casualties)”
My wife, a few summers ago, planted sunflowers in the alley behind our garage, which I couldn't HELP but think of as triffids that hadn't yet uprooted and started roaming the countryside searching for victims... I'm not sure if these flowers TRIED to attack someone in the alley, or if other folks thought they looked like potential alien plants, too, or if we just had some shithead kids who walked by and kicked them over just to be naughty---whatever the cause, these plants WENT DOWN...

Because I always saw them as monstrous, I felt like I needed to add just a bit of gore to the image. I tried to make it look like a crime scene photo. (Maybe there's something wrong with me...)

Mariah (the wife) was sad that her flowers were knocked down---but I wasn't ever really sure having these things near the house was a good idea. It doesn't matter which of us was right, though, because they're gone now...and to this day, she hasn't planted any new ones...


And that’s the goods for this weekend! If you’re interested in becoming a CRYPTO-ART COLLECTOR, pop on over to MakersPlace and see all the GOOD STUFF they have available for art fiends to collect and enjoy. (Most of their artists are REAL, slick, professional, making-art-that-looks-like-actual-ART artists… I’m not sure WHY they let me do the weird things that I do… Must be a punk or two in the company who has a soft spot for my less than conventional style…) I also have a few more pieces that I’m working on---maybe look for a Monday or Tuesday release for those! Meanwhile, I’ve got a new book review that I’ll HOPEFULLY be ready to publish tomorrow!

Until then, WATCH THE SKIES! (But not while you’re walking… You don’t want to trip and hurt yourself…) Later!

---Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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