"A Grandpa Plays MINECRAFT - Day 0004!" by Richard F. Yates

A Grandpa Plays MINECRAFT - Day 0004 cover.jpg

Hey folks, my family left me alone for a few minutes again last night, so I made another MINECRAFT video! In this one, I actually recorded an introduction for the video before the game play starts (why is the video taken with my phone better quality than the capture from my laptop???), so you can see my goofy face and put a cartoony expression to the silly voice chattering away during the game!

Speaking of goofy, I also mention that the video is "SPONSORED" by GOOFY GALS CRAFTS! What I mean by this is that my wife and two daughters have a crafting group that they've put together, and they are making stuff like t-shirts and Christmas wreaths and coffee mugs, and I thought it would be cool to use the POWER OF VIDEO to promote their stuff!!! AND, technically, Mariah (aka: The Wife) IS my sponsor, in the sense that she makes way more money than I do, and she let's me do stuff like make videos and create crypto-art and spends hours every day reading, writing, drawing, and computing. She is why I can do all this stuff, so---MEGA-SPONSOR! So go check out Goofy Gals Crafts and help support the folks who let ME do MY goofy things!!!

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[Logo shirt designed by my older daughter, Frankie!]

But before I get too far into sponsors and links, let's actually boop the video into this post so folks can watch it. The video quality ain't super-good, but I hope the inane chatter is funny enough to make the suspect video worth sitting through! (Think of it as a podcast with primitive, blurry, abstract-expressionist visuals playing in the background. Maybe that will help...)

In this fourth episode, I also dropped some SHOW NOTES, with links to some of the stuff I mentioned in my chatter during the video. Here's what I wrote:

Day four of "A Grandpa Plays Minecraft" and we finally start to do some serious mining! However!!! While the pick-axe is smashing blocks, I really just end up going off on a bunch of weird tangents---many of which I've linked to in the notes below!!!


1. GOOFY GALS CRAFTS! (My "sponsor," in the sense that one of the three creators in the group is my wife, who is patient and good natured enough to let me make these videos...along with all the other weird stuff I do!) (The other two Goofy Gals are my daughters, but they're not the boss of me!!! As much...) Anyway, here's a link to their Facebook page!

2. Skeptoid (A science and critical thinking podcast that I mentioned in the video.)

3. Skepticality (Another science and critical thinking podcast that I didn't mention in the video---although I SHOULD HAVE!)

4. My MakersPlace Store / Gallery (I mentioned in the show that I recently created a new piece of crypto-art! To SEE that art, along with the dozens of OTHER digital collectibles I have to offer, visit my gallery!)

5. SNL: Best of Eddie Murphy (The Eddie Murphy video I mentioned in the show, which has the Buckwheat skit, and several other classics on it, available through Amazon.)

*6. My Steemit.com blog! (Where I post something new EVERY SINGLE DAY! Either a story or a drawing or a video or a book review, I post on Steemit every day---compulsively and with great joy! In addition, if you don't know about the Steem blockchain or Steemit.com, the crypto-based social media platform, leave a comment and I'll explain what it's all about. I love Steemit, personally, and you might love it, too!!!)

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