Livery design for BMW Z4 iRacing

Livery Design for

Greetings from Steem, this time I want to share with you another of my jobs as a livery designer or skins for the racing simulator cars. I have worked for this platform for 6 years dedicated 100% to the design of racing cars for different professional and non-professional teams.

The entire design is based on a 2D mesh that is exported from Photoshop to a file with a .TGA extension to later be mounted in the racing simulator and everyone can see the personalized design of each driver, unlike other simulators iRacing has the Si feature you can offer the ability for other pilots to view your design, just install an application in the background on the computer, other simulators only allow you to view your custom design locally.

Without more to say I leave you with a custom design that I made for a virtual pilot on a BMW Z4 GT3 to compete within a professional league at

The photographs were created by me using the simulator as the main 3D render and edited using Adobe Photoshop CC2020.

To see more of my work you can enter my facebook pageRichardbmx Design

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