No one in this life likes to lose, everyone, absolutely everyone likes to win. However many times we lose and think and believe that everything was in vain but what we do not know is that even losing we are winning, because losing we learn to take it as something necessary to grow.

When we make sense about what it means to lose, we easily learn to achieve what we want to achieve, since a good loser learns to win.

The good loser knows that nothing is never lost because losing means winning a lesson, acquiring a new teaching and with it a new opportunity to play better and achieve specific goals.

Strive to be better at every loss, run with more enthusiasm!!


Do not faint in the daily attempt to fight for our goals God is our greatest help and when we put our goals in their hands everything will help us well and it is not that we can not lose clear that we can lose but every loss we live will be a great experience and teaching that will take us to a better destination, because every stumbling block will be a new lesson in our path.

In our daily career we have opportunities and goals to achieve, we set goals in all areas of our lives and they are often accompanied by limitations and obstacles that do not allow us in time to achieve the desired but that should not be a reason to give up because we have to Understand that our achievements are also subject to circumstances that may prevent the above. However, we must be clear that God must go to every goal we set ourselves and trust him by placing our projects in his hands.

 (Proverbs 3: 5-6)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own prudence. Recognize him in all your ways, and he will straighten your paths... (RVC)

God is our greatest hope in everything we are going to undertake and He is taking care of us because he loves us and takes care of us like every father with his son. Therefore, do not be discouraged when you fail to achieve something since life is unconscionable and can leave us with any adversity but surely God will answer us with better things for new attempts.

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