In God there are no coincidences, there is purpose. Everything happens for a reason

Psalm 139: 16-17
16 You saw me before I was born.
    Every day of my life was registered in your book.
Every moment was designed
    before a single day passed.
17 How precious are your thoughts about me, [a] oh God.
    They cannot be listed! (New Living Translation (NTV).

is beautiful to know that God formed us with a purpose that I love so much that he designed us in a specialy !!


The Bible tells us that before you and I were born God had already seen us and this really shows us that all of us were born with a purpose and that nothing is accidental, not even our birth as human beings on this earth because God had already planned it and the most amazing thing is that it also had us registered every day of our existence.

Many people claim when they are not doing well in life that this was God's purpose for them, others think that everything is a matter of luck in life or what is the same "just chance".

However, we can read in the quoted verse that every moment of our life was also designed by God which means that there is purpose every opportunity that he gives us.

Therefore we have to understand and discern that every thing that happens in our life even if we do not understand it and it seems bad to us is because it is for good since our God has control of our destiny and enforces its purpose in us.


We must all know that God's plans for us are plans of good and not of evil to fulfill his purpose in you and me. God does not want any of his children to think that what happens in his life is pure chance because this would be doubting the verses quoted where he affirms that we are purposes and not chance.

We must also be clear that when in our life things happen that are not among God's plans for us we should not think that this is God's plan, because we already know that God's plans are of well-being for us. For this reason we should ask ourselves what is the true mission in our lives to fulfill the purpose that He has intended before the foundation of the world for you and me.


God has the best plans for our life and wants the best for us and everything depends on the attitude and disposition we have to accept this situation that everything that happens around us is purpose and not coincidence, because in God there are no coincidences but purposes divine

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