¡Everything in life is a choice!

My reflection today is based on the decision to choose since everything in this life depends on a word called "choice." Generally, all human beings, before making a decision, always determine by choice what we want to decide.
Sometimes it is not easy to choose when we have doubts or insecurity in life, because we need firmness and confidence to determine our actions and decisions.
It is true that it is not easy to choose for to make good decisions because doubt is a factor that hinders decisions but with wisdom we will be able to opt for the best choice.

In that sense it is worth saying that the choice we make today will have a lot to do with tomorrow and that every moment of choice is an opportunity that God gives us to make good decisions. In this regard, the Apostle Paul advises us **in the book of Ephesians 5: 15-16 the following:
"So be careful of your way of life. Do not live as fools but as wise, making the most of every opportune moment, because the days are bad" (NIV Translation: RVR95, RVR60**).

This statement assumes that we must walk with great care and wisdom because it is wisdom that will guide us to correctly organize our time and teach us to make the best choices. Remember that we are in the world in the midst of raptors and we live in a recarcitrant society that acts according to their own ideas despite being wrong. For this reason the apostle refers to that we must take care of ourselves and not live as fools.

**It is we who have in our hands the decision to choose, because if we want to live wisely or want to live as fools, our life and our actions depend solely on us, you really are what you decide to be! .
If you decide to be a good person if you decide to love life, be grateful to be a good son, husband, friend, father, a good student, a good professional, a better employee, a better worker, you think that it will be, everything will depend on your choice**.

Shape your life with good decisions because it will be the reward of tomorrow to enjoy your choice.

In this way "if everything in life is an election" today I invite you to take the best choice and fully enjoy life, choosing to be happy to seek peace and love life!
 Celebrate daily achievements thanks for those who could not achieve meditate every day and reflect to choose the best that life offers you and discard the bad give a hug to someone especially hug your family do a generous act instead of looking and practicing the bad and above all remember the most important moments.

**Remember that life is a choice you decide to live it!
«He who wants to love life
and enjoy happy days,
to restrain your tongue from speaking evil
and his lips to utter deception;
let him turn away from evil and do good;
May he seek peace and follow it. »
1 Peter 3: 10-11. (NIV Translation: RVR95, RVR60**)

Your life depends on your choice. You are yourself, you must have the ability to choose. No one will do it for you. Remember that it is your choice!


You decide whether to live with God or live without Him


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Very good reflection @ricci01, really everything in this life depends on a choice and we are called to choose wisely.

25.09.2019 21:08

Amèn @mildreduh, thank you very much for commenting. DTB

26.09.2019 03:05

We need to choose well to make good decisions. Thank you for this great reflection @ricci01.

25.09.2019 21:11

Amen, thank you very much for reading @giacamila777. DTB

26.09.2019 03:07

We all make important decisions that mark us and make us who we are, and we chose God.

26.09.2019 02:09

Thank you very much for reading @gloriana071, regards. DTB

26.09.2019 03:08

We were wise to choose God and let him do in us!

26.09.2019 02:20

Greetings @carmentita. Thank you very much for reading, DTB

26.09.2019 03:09

Blessings, very good reflection.

26.09.2019 02:26

Amèn @oscar20, thank you very much for reading. Regards

26.09.2019 03:10