¿And do you think God will not do justice?

¡Greetings, the peace of God be for all!

Today I want to share a theme based on the condition of life that society lives mostly and that therefore reaches humanity and that seems something very normal in the current world we inhabit.

**I want to start by saying that God is interested in your values ​​and principles that you bring to life. God is interested in your lifestyle and how he manages it in your family.
Today many people look at things that are abominable to God as something completely normal and even say that today's times are not like the previous ones accepting the antivalores that are practiced today as values ​​and that undoubtedly offend God**.

Today I want to express that the values ​​are not fashions and much less the principles established by God, it is not old fashioned to keep the word of God at this time, because I believe that no man returns to be the same when he has an encounter with God, it is To say when he acquires wisdom to realize that God is real and surrenders his life to Him. No one that God touches can live the same as the world!

Today I casually reflected on a writing by two "famous" young people announcing that they were going to have their third child and I am referring to young people of the same sex, by God how we assumed this aberration! When we know that God is the author of marriage but between a man and a woman of different sexes, we cannot assume this as "it is valid at this time is normal", I believe that what God calls "aberration" will never be normal.

And the intention is not to judge but to face a biblical truth that is established in the word of God and we cannot look at it as normal nor assume it as "that is fashion", because we are called to confront lies and antivalores in a society that is blind and devoid of values

In the same way we are currently looking at so many abominable things that we cannot assume them as normal. And in the face of all these situations I wondered: Do they think that God will not do justice?


Beloved church, God cares how we are living and what kind of values ​​we practice do not be fooled by the things of this world that seem like "normal" God will pay each of us according to our performance.
We read in Romans 2: 6: Because God "will pay each one according to what his works deserve." | NVI |

Every person in this life believes that their behavior is correct that just as they live by accepting norms and antivalores of men who dislike God is good or has no influence on them, because they are wrong because God judges hearts. We read in the book of **Proverbs 21: 2: "To each one it seems correct to proceed,
but the Lord judges hearts**. "| NIV |.

God will do justice and weigh our hearts for that reason our lifestyle will influence that condition and we Christians have the mission to declare that great truth, we have to tell the world that God is real lives and manifests his grace and mercy to all mankind to room of their souls. We read Paul's advice in the book of **Titus 2: 11-12:
"Truly, God has manifested to all mankind his grace, which brings salvation and teaches us to reject ungodliness and worldly passions. Thus we can live in this world with justice, mercy and self-control**. " | NVI |

God alerts us to live a legal life before his presence full of biblical values ​​and principles, annulling all impiety and antivalores that the wicked practice. **We read in Psalm 1: 1: "Blessed is the man
who does not follow the advice of the wicked,
nor does it stop on the path of sinners
neither cultivates the friendship of the blasphemers** ". | NIV |.

God will do justice to a people who have taken him as a father and will do so with all mankind.

 Today you can live as you wish but remember that God will judge you from all these things.


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Amen loved that good reflection, and so it is, the Father to each of us will prove us.

02.10.2019 01:30

Thanks for reading @gloriana071, regards. DTB

02.10.2019 02:40

Blessings beloved, go ahead.

02.10.2019 01:45

Amen @oscar20, thanks for reading. Blessings.

02.10.2019 02:41

Blessings Servant, God will judge us all according to our works.

02.10.2019 01:58

Greetings @carmentita, thank you very much for reading. DTB

02.10.2019 02:42