To call Illinois a political sh!*hole is insulting to fecal matter...

...fecal matter is a growth medium.

Property tax rates my collar county region have ranged around 4% of fair market home value for nearly a decade. This extraordinary 4% property tax rate (relative to mean and median property tax rate in America of ~1.2%) has created a negative feedback loop depressing home values. No economic growth is possible in these toxic conditions of outlier taxation and public debt.

Illinois has two classes of people: public defined- benefits pension entitlement recipients along with their servants and masters, and those required to fund them.

We can shorten the description of Illinois population to 'political class', and 'taxpayers '.

In order to survive Illinois taxation policies, taxpayers need novel solutions. We can start by looking at the mechanisms used by the Illinois political industry to enrich their class. We taxpayers must seek to emulate tactics which work for them, and we must stay within not only the law but the bounds of decency and honor.

First possible tactic: TIF-for-all...

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