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In a fight, speed and timing matter. In my last post, I talked about Elbow Strike For Defense, Prevent and Strike. You can use elbow strike as a defense to destroy the fist. If someone punches you and you do elbow strike to his fist, you will not be able to punch you anymore.

The most important thing to use this technique is timing and speed. When someone punches you, you have to do elbow strike at the same time when the punch is about to hit you. You are doing elbow strike, but if you are slow, this is not going to work. You will get hit.

Speed and timing are really important on different moves in martial arts. In this video, they talked about speed, timing, and power.

Another important thing in a fight is to control the distance. If you are opponent is too close, you cannot kick. You can do knee charge, elbow strike, and all those strikes that you can do in the close range. You can grab your opponent and make him fall down on the ground.

If you are in a punching range, you can punch. If your opponent moves back, you are in a kicking range. If you understand the distance and control the distance in a fight, you can use it as your advantage. In this video, they also talk about controlling the distance.

Hope you will find this video useful. Let's watch this video. And please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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