Cameroon Steemit Njangi And 100k Shares Program - 26SBD To Be Spent On Completing My School Fees So As To Write My Second Semester Examination

Steem greetings everyone in steem-cameroon and the world at large. Today Is a very special day of my life as well as the most special post.
Firstly I'll like to thank @thegreens,@saxopedia,@fombae for considering me. It's a super great honour for me to be the #Njangi #Beneficiary, words can't explain the joy that I feel in my heart right now, at first when @thegreens brought-up the idea of 100k Shares , and 100k SP , I didn't have a full understanding. But when he detaily explain how it would function, I didn't hesitate to take 1share per week as well as delegate 70SP


and currently powering up 42SP to delegate to @steem-cameroon. And today we have about close to #81 share holders , before I tell everyone detaily what I'm going to use my #26SBD benefits from the njangi to do, it will be but normal and correct for me to share with you how STEEM has been a blessing to me , what it has done for me over time and the #challenge which I think my 26sbd will help to solve, please prepare to read... I love writing
I joint steem in the year 2020 in the month of October, mentored by @saxopedia, at the time I just came into douala , I had no idea what I was going to be up to in douala, I was just a normal musician and a music producer as well as instrumentalist



, a holder of #Advance #Level certificate which I had in 2016 and because of the Anglophone crisis and war in the northwest, precisely Kumbo Bui Division, I had been for close to 4 years at home after my Advance level which I would have been doing my #masters one in the University already..
Arriving douala I had moved away from my family and from my junior brother @nickzy


, I started life living with a friend since I never had a place to stay , he treated me very badly for about 3months, I arrived douala on August 26 2020 and from the first weeks of living with him he treated me really badly that I cried sometimes , he was working but many times he will go to his workshop #garage and buy his food and eat,where as I knew no one or how to survive , I only tried copying with him and managing like that .. thanks to @saxopedia, on October 2020 he got to me on phone and explained everything to me about #steemit, how could join communities like #musicforsteem to earn trophies and win contest just with my music, at that time steem-cameroon wasn't really function at all, so without hesitation I joint and made my #introductory post on october 20th - 2020 which paidout and made me earn


14.77$ , I was very happy, after my Achievement 1 was verified I then join music for steem and joint the contest which I played my first piano song, #Frozen(Let it go) which I earned


8$ . From then Saxopedia kept mentoring me from October till date eventhough I have a better understanding of steem now.. over those months I made about worth 80,000fcfa from #steem-cameroon.. when I did my first withdraws I just went in a search of a one room to rent , I was lucky to find a house at quatrรจ etage bonaberi, which cost 15,000fcfa per month , which I paid a 4months advancement of 60,000fcfa being left with 20,000fcfa, which I used to buy my pots and a mattress to lay down, together with the money I that I had saved from music over 150,000fcfa,I added to the 20,000Fcfa making 170k ... after buying my house needs I had the strong desire to go to school and precisely a professional school.. I was left just with 100,000fcfa on my hands , I then took out a day in search of a school both online and offline and in the real world, finally I met a friend who told me about a school which was giving a 20% discount on students from the northwest and southwest who enroll there , so he took me to the school, I selected what I wanted to study




TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS my fees projected was about 500,000fcfa.. but a 20%meant that I would be paying 480,000fcfa and I could pay installmentally, I deposited 100,000fcfa meaning I was left with 380,000fcfa. By the start of our first semester exams I was asked to deposit something again which I withdrew 50,000Fcfa from my steem account and added 100,000fcfa to it which I had saved up from my other small small hard works that I do round.. I deposited in school and wrote my exams being left with 230,000fcfa .. over time again I raise another money from steem since I was very functional and seriouse, telling many about steem and having recruits, I withdrew 50,000fcfa again from steem when the price went high

.. and I deposited in school being left with 180,000fcfa but now second semester exams have come when I'm powering up and account and i have delegated my sp to steem-cameroon without any plans to power down. My school refused me from taking part in the second semester exams which I have worked so hard to reach that level, for last 2weeks I was so broke and so traumatized because I was about repeating level one after all the hard work,, the school told me that if I pay b4 June 15 2021 I would be able to sit for my exams when students are writing the #RESIT of papers that they didn't pass... As the date -line was approaching I was totally dying inside..
Then #Boom๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ , i remembered the #Njangi but didn't exactly know how i would fit it with such small shares and be able to be the njangi benefactor.. but then I still presented my situation about my school fees as well what am going through to @thegreens whom with a loving and gentle spirit tabled it before the admins of steem-cameroon , after a day @thegreens got to me and told me that my request has been approved I could be the #Njangi #Beneficiary for this week, with tears in my eyes I write this today...

You've all heard my story I will use my 26SBD to pay my remaining school fees so that I will be able to go ahead and write my exams as well as move to the next well, I'm so happy that I am today the 4th beneficiary out of the 81share holders..
I'm not lucky I'm just loved by steem-cameroon..

having 55$ on a post was out of love,thanks to steem

over the years steem has a blessing to me and all I will do is share to many how steem has helped me in life, I will bring it as many recruits as possible and i will continue making interesting post in #steem-cameroon, and performing in the many contest organized, because steem, I'm going to write my exams and also have peace of mind.. there is nothing else that I want aside that. I promise to support my fellow steemians as well.
I aspire to become a Logistician tommoro who works in the see as a sea captain.


. I might get lucky to travel round the world and with my 26SBD I'll just get there sooner or later.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Thank you very much for reading through
I hope it was worth reading



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Hello if you in cameroon i will like you to send me your contact may be you can explain steem to me better

02.06.2021 09:12

Of course @baseru, what do you want to understand about steem, I'm in cameroon douala and i am ready to assist you through what ever that i can so that you learn more about steem
Follow me on steem , I'm @rexiano follow my account to see my post
Contact me on whatsapp through +237 6 76 92 52 28

02.06.2021 20:49

Thanks bro i have taken down ya number but it looks like its not on whatsapp so i will give you a call

02.06.2021 23:30

I'm glad that after your long struggle, today with the help of our Njangi you will be supporting yourself with your school needs and more eapecilly in paying your fees.

02.06.2021 09:13

Indeed @tjean.. which i greatly appreciate the kind gesture.. it's a great previledge given to me which i am so happy about

02.06.2021 20:51

Oh God you don't sleep, what a touching story, I remember as I read your diary post one day as you were not allowed to write the exams but finally God accepted by using steem cameroon. What I can say is that you have to prepare well not to fail the exam .it's a touching story indeed

02.06.2021 09:16

Indeed you are one of the most seriouse steemians that i know , you still remember reading my dairy that day and every detail about it,wow thank you very much for such love .. together we are very strong โค

02.06.2021 20:55

Its just such a situation that only God intervened. Steem is a timely investment. See how much it helped my brother. I feel so much happy for you bro. May God never make your pocket go empty.

After all in this life hard work pays but smart work pays better.

Congratulations my bro

Lesson from your post


02.06.2021 09:31

@lukong, seriousely steem has been a blessing to me and i can only rejoice today ,its about to happen again, indeed you've learned a lesson

02.06.2021 21:00

This so touching @rexiano. It's a good thing you thought about steemit to meet up with you pressing need. Actually I really admire your spirit of hard work and determination and trust me people like you always succeed at what they do. Keep on pushing and fighting to get what you want and obviosly God will always be with you to see you through every little process of your life. Thank God we have Steemit Cameroon and steemit to help us with our need these days and I encourage you to continue working hard to achieve more on Steemit. Good luck in your examination

twopercent #cameroon

02.06.2021 09:43

@tenguhatanga, your words of love,encouragement and hope means that you read all through and you let it into your heart,thank you very much and i say a bigggggggg AMEN to all your prayers for me,i also appreciate the kind gesture of encouraging my hardworking nature indeed steem has been a life saving platform for me, thank you for wishing me luck on my exams, i will make it and i will bring the results for us to celebrate on steem

02.06.2021 21:05

There's no way someone can read your story and not get touched. I know exactly how it feels. I am happy you did not give up no matter what you went through.

Your story is a huge testimony
All the hard treatment given to you was some sort of training.

Your hard work on steemit paid out big time. God blessed you Emily because he knew the depths of your heart. He will keep on blessing you.
So you are studying transport and logistics? That's what I studied too.

02.06.2021 10:01

@craxywriter, just from your name i can tell that you are a lover of reading and creativity ,an innovative Logistician... wow I'm so so honoured , knowing that deep down your heart my story touched you .. indeed i appreciate you reading through, i never gave up and I'll never gave up,I'll continue being very hard working on steem.,, indeed it was some sort of training and yes i am studying logistic and transport management.. you studied logistics wow.. so you are working already?

02.06.2021 21:11

One of the principal goals of Steemit is to create a decentralized economy that will economically empower people to realize their dreams and live better lives. We all are witnesses to this and i think all we need to do is to keep recruiting more and more people to Steemit.
Personally, i am happy that the Steemit Njangi is going to help you pay your school fees and i want you to know that we are here to support you.
I believe #Steem will change the world via this social economy it's building.
Good luck with your education!

02.06.2021 10:12

@thegreens, our country representative,I 'll never stop saying a big thank you to you for everything, indeed i see that the aim and objectives of steem are very clear to me now..
Thank you very much for the luck in my exams,I'm so happy to be part of the njangi benefits.. God bless us all.. indeed steem will change the world

02.06.2021 21:16

First of all i thank God for giving you the strength to push through your difficult moments because other young guys would have seek other alternatives. I salute your determination in achieving all your goals.

02.06.2021 10:32

Thank you very much @tifuh, many guys came with suggestions for me to join online scamming and fraud and even join secret cults but i refused and stopped them from being my friends , i want a better tommoro for my self.. i appreciate and greatly honoured

02.06.2021 21:19

@rexiano this is so heart touching ,Iโ€™ll advice you never to think of the friend you were living with in Douala as a bad person ,who knows maybe it was his strategy to help you be a responsible and a hardworking person...
To me ,Iโ€™ll say it was Gods way of training you to be responsible for yourself
After all the struggling God almighty still showed you the way out
Am happy for you
Thanks to @thegreens for hearing you out
Thanks to all steemcameroon admins
Long live steemcameroon
Long live steemit

02.06.2021 10:46

@nafisatu,indeed i really appreciate the fact that you read through my post and have such a sweet advice for me,i will not see him as a bad person,just as you have said,i believe that the lord was moulding and making me strong,hardships has made me become a responsible man today .. if that my friend is ever in-need of any assistance i won't hesitate to help him,i forgave him already ,vengeance is for God and not man.. thanks alot for your advice

02.06.2021 21:26

Your story is so touching @rexiano. All I whish for you is an overflow of success and success. May you never experience that type of maltreatment you went through in your frineds house in Jesus name. Amen.
I whish you the best in your Education. With steemit all your problems will be solve. God bless you.




02.06.2021 11:33

Thank you very much for reading through my post, i appreciate and i also say amen to all your prayers, indeed God has heared us

02.06.2021 20:47

Hey @rexiano what a perfect and detailed explanation of your project.Kudos i can see steemit has been a real blessing in your life.i pray this shares help you more and pray you come singing songs of Joy because i belive your plans will be effected in Jesus' mighty name..

02.06.2021 12:45

Amennnnnnnnn, indeed am so happy to hear such prayers from you.. steemit has really been a blessing to me and after i pay my remaining school fees and write my exams,I'll come to celebrate with us when results are out,thanks so much for reading through my bro
God bless you

02.06.2021 21:29

Bless you too bro.We willl definitely celabrate .Let's keep steeming @rexiano.....

05.06.2021 12:57

This is the most amazing thing I've seen since you told me about your fees,me been your brother,I understand everything you've been through because we've shared some of those things together. Am really glad that God brought us here to be with this amazing people.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

02.06.2021 19:07

@nickzy indeed bro, GOD bless @saxopedia for showing us the way to steemit, all our prayers are being answered... you know that you and i are the back bones of the family,school is our best shot together with steem for a better tmro

02.06.2021 21:32

You story could be modified to produce an epic! It's a good thing most university accept fee payment in instalment because am also a beneficiary student who pays her fee each month in instalment. They say experience is the best teacher! I hope your determination and hardwork puts smiles on your face as you work hard and come out with distinction.
Thanks to @the green and others earnestly working as our country representative for Cameroon - steemians to enjoy in this group "njangi"
We are just a picture from the teal story

two percent


02.06.2021 19:39

@monjuapollonia , thanks alot for reading my story of my life,I'm someone who loves to write so much interesting articles even right from secondary school... you and i are not so different after all.. where do you school and where is your school located?.. i say amen to all your prayers and may the God lord bless you.. indeed my story could be modified and made as a movie hhaha and epic one for that matter..
Thank you very much for reading i really am greatful

02.06.2021 21:37

@rexiano my school is (HIPDET) Higher Institute of Professional Development and Training bamenda currently located beside health center mile four Nkwen.
Thank you for wishing me well too
Indeed flying colors to us this academic year ๐Ÿ™.
Remember I will definitely need you in some point of editing this epic
Oh yeah definitely

two percent


03.06.2021 19:49

Indeed @monjuapollonia, i am so happy that you are a student too and things are going well, I'll definitely meet one day when i come to bamenda..
We are alike in our academic aspects,more grace,we are moving forward

03.06.2021 21:52

I read this story with tears in my eyes, no one would listen to this and not consider sorting out your fee issues if possible , ur passion for school is incredible and even when everything became almost hopeless you still managed to make a way . This is really inspiring thanks a lot for sharing

02.06.2021 19:55

@jane-mary ...
I know that its so sad and many of us might have shed tears out when reading and might even wish that they had the money to give me,its okay to feel that way and i am greatful,may the good lord guide and bless you too,thank you very much for recognising my passion for school,I'm so greatful.. thank you very much for reading through... i never give up ๐Ÿ˜Š

02.06.2021 21:42

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing your story!

I hope you get there too, keep adding value and powering up and you'll get there in no time!

03.06.2021 11:01

@royw, you have no idea how happy i am that you read though my story and i also got an upvote from you.. thanks alot, I'll keep powering up till i get there

03.06.2021 22:11

I can't stop laughing at this because God has just ridiculous ways to prove himself God, I don't know about you oh but I don't see God letting you down. He's leading you beside still waters. It's either you win or you learn something new. It is by the trials of life that we mould ourselves to be better. Silver and gold pass through a furnace before becoming Gold! It is becoming that is important.
The beauty of it all is the way @steem-cameroon serves as a platform for the lifting of men. Thank you lovely admins for making this possible. I'm happy and glad I mean I'm in Joy seeing that one of us instead of being sad is happy with us because of #Njangi. This is a huge step in the cameroon community. Sincere thanks to @saxopedia, @fombae @thegreens for their amazing job as kmer Steem reps.
That said,

I don't know why I had to fall on this scripture yesterday and while meditating all I got was hope, honour and happiness.

Romans 8:18
For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

I hearken and cling to that understanding as I speak forth into your life, those who rejected you will celebrate you and know that there is a God who is a rewarder of men. He says the greater shall be blessed of the lesser, I see them helping you climb the stairs of your success, they are stepping stones and not stumbling blocks in Jesus name.
Ohh myyy!!! Walk in purity, righteousness and holiness and you'll see what he has in store for you.โ™ฅ๏ธ Proverbs 21:21
I hide under the name of Jesus as I declare.
Brother you're blessed.

03.06.2021 13:29

Oh My My My My GOD, @majerius this is one of the best comments that i have ever gotten from any of my post..๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I Love You Very Much
Thanks for taking out so much time to read my post and educate me,indeed i owe you one ... I'm so blessed with the scriptures and all the prayers you've made,my spiritual life is so uplifted, I'm so happy.thank you very much

03.06.2021 22:04

As iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friends ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ I'm honoured

03.06.2021 23:48

@rexiano i have seen how active you been on the steemit platform, im very happy you are testimony of how this platform has change the living standards of it members. Happy this has not been different for you and your educational program. Our parents used Njangi system to pay our fees, this your chance to complete you fees with the 26SBD Nganji program.

I can remember commenting on your introductory post recommended the music for steem community which your post was my daughter favourite cartoon tracks.

Wish you the best in educational journey and keep steeming.

03.06.2021 14:21

@fombae oh yes thats very very correct, hahahaa its because of you that i joint #musicforsteem community,wow you've really played a vital role in my life as a steemian, you've also supported me with resteems,upvotes and comments,visiting my blog. I remember that when i did the song #let it go cover , you were so happy and you told me that its your little daughters favourite cartoons #Frozen, thank you very much for your review and encouragement ,thanks for being happy for me about the njangi 26SBD.. and thanks for the prayer on my educational career,thanks for the best wishes ,i truely appreciate,i look forward to better days on steemit

03.06.2021 21:58

I can imagine the stress you have been through while struggling to catch up with school and hustling at the same time. Itโ€™s not an easy task. I am happy with steemit, it is easier for you to overcome financial difficulties. I pray that you will never lack so far as you trust in God while hustling and keep trusting for better days ahead with the steemit njangi.

06.06.2021 01:28

Its been a while since i read from you or heared from you... thank so much for reading through my post and even replying.. AMEN to all that wonderful prayer,we all hope for better days on steem. .. I'm very greatful we've missed you โค

06.06.2021 08:19

Your story is really pathetic,but I love the courage in youโ€™thank God steemit has been there for you to solved your school problem, more blessings upon you as you forge ahead with your studies .

07.06.2021 12:06

@wirngo, thank you very much for passing through my post and reading through, i appreciate your patience... i say amen to all your sweet lovely prayers and may the lord bless you

07.06.2021 19:50