Labour's hard left stop private schools and seize property

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The commies in labour want to abolish private education and seize the property for the government, much like any good commie would want.
just like the land grabs in Africa,
like in China where property goes back to the state!
but most of all private education is not full of far left commie but jobs trying to brainwash are kids with marxists doctrine, God forbid we teach kids to think for themselves!!!!!

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14.08.2019 22:17

Please keep UK as it is (except south asian extremism, you know what I mean), communism is not the solution for fight financial crises or any other problems you may have, now I am definitely not an expert on this subject but please say no to communism, it will make every citizen bonded labour for generations to come and serve ugly politicians.

07.09.2019 21:41