Eat more HUMANS says Swedish scientist

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To combat climate change in the future Swedish behavioural scientists have come up with a novel idea , eating human cadavers! We all need to get over the taboo of eating human flesh.

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This climate change push is getting out of hand.

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20.09.2019 22:59

Humans are not even good enough to consider/consume for FOOD, I mean even if we consider this option of cannibalism then also it would be bad idea, because I think, with "n" number of diseases and varieties of cancers, STDs and God know how many more diseases yet to reveal their faces. You know, if human is consumed by wild animals then there is a fear of them having diabetes and mental disorder, now that being an animal, imagine this situation for Human consuming humans, some. This idea of fighting climate change with cannibalism will be least feasible and would be non-effective, this will actually trigger a mental disorder across Globe.

21.09.2019 11:02

While some ideas seem to be noble they must be checked for ethical correctness. Clearly, the said scientist lacks the moral inclination to ascertain such claim.

PS: Knowledge without morals is vain.
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21.09.2019 20:21

Bon Appetit

An old Idea really.

22.09.2019 14:56

I want to invite you to my new Steem Community: Carbonists. Carbonists.

We Carbonists believe we should try get the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to at least 1200 ppm for the benefit of plants.

13.03.2020 10:54