Ranting at yesterday's political shit show

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The treachery from all sides of the house was stunning, it left me lost for words. The virtue
signaling crap they were coming out would be great for fertilizing the roses.
It’s an embarrassment to this Great Nation.

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@revsimonsideways, In my opinion current face of Politics is almost same everywhere and it's really unfortunate aspect.

26.09.2019 13:15

I wish politics was about the best way to make American lives better

But for the past 3 years its been about why Trump is bad

I don't care to hear the Democrats cry wolf anymore, they lost their credibility long ago

26.09.2019 15:01

Does anyone else hate politics right now?

26.09.2019 15:01

Barry Sherman and Boris Johnson and basically Jeffery, the guy with the fancy suit, seems they have something in common from your criticism and it isn't really good. I really don't know these people but it seems they hardly have regard for the human virtue and well I obviously enjoyed the humor and I laughed all through even when the politicians in the content made me angry

26.09.2019 17:04

Great post

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27.09.2019 03:31

I'm shocked, SHOCKED to think you could consider blowing up an entire hotel full of cabinet members (and their families) to be more serious than hurty words. Hate speech is violence! 😎

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28.09.2019 05:25