Boris Johnson asks the Queen to suspend parliament

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Boris Johnson has asked the queen to suspend parliament so he can push through a no deal Brexit.
There are tantrums from the undemocratic remainers and many tears from the snowflakes.

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29.08.2019 21:47

I don’t understand why this deserves the reward attached to it.

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30.08.2019 03:25

Boris Johnson is Much deserved prime-minister of UK. He would smoothly transition the "Brexit" for UK than anyone else. The next deserving candidate is "Tommy Robinson" of TR.News, hahaha, Just Kidding.

30.08.2019 04:59

As a Yank dating a Brit, I love this guy. We'll be celebrating 10/31 in my household this year.

I'm not sure who the "traitor" is, her or myself.

30.08.2019 14:16

That is for his own favour i guess right

30.08.2019 16:44

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05.09.2019 21:48