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Abusing anyone, especially someone young and impressionable, is to me the most reprehensible crime possible. The next generation are our future leaders. That said, life is never black and white but shades of gray. Many who grow up in a hugely conservative environment find it stultifying, repressive, and oppressive. Those who grow up being taught that 'sex is dirty', 'sex is wrong', etc often become adults who are not sexually well-adjusted. Yet we are made from sex so proper education is essential.

Overparenting has become epidemic in the states which is one of the big factors that contribute to skyrocketing teenage depression and suicide. Teens are stuck behind their computers and phones with fake facebook/kik/snapchat friends. Real, meaningful friendships seem almost a thing of the past due to parents and teachers who download their fears onto the youth. While I know such intentions are good and honorable, the secondary effects of a lack of proper bonds with others in one's formati

19.07.2019 13:10

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