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Am tuned in watching this vlog all the way from Kenya 🇰🇪 with lots of love ❤️
Discrimination of ethnic minorities is not a cool thing since we are all equal before the eyes of God and He gave us the earth to live with peace, love and unity among us.
Real racism is when Corbyn & Chris Williamson utterly condemn antisemitism. That's disgusting racism.

15.10.2019 18:08

Jeremy Corbyn hates people ???? Really ??? What was that ugly introduction of him, at the start of the video ??
Just because there's a Law in Great Britain that prevents racism. But that's just for show and hiding the real truth.
Racism and Prejudice in Britain is VERY high especially in smaller towns and the country. In the bigger cities Racism is just dormant but it's there waiting for Brexit and the England Defense League to Rise. I don't find anything wrong with Jeremy Corbyn thinking because he is into politics, you will never know what these politicians have on their mind.

16.10.2019 09:34

I want to get this further, this voter ID how will it be culpable to being able to combat rigging? In my opinion I don't think I'd really want to conclude on the racism issue, I believe there is basically a deep root of racism in England and this might just be a manifest or it may not I don't really think I know the whole story

16.10.2019 10:14

@revsimonsideways, In my opinion no matter which part of the World is Point Of Discussion, Voting System faces questions and doubtful events. Stay blessed.

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16.10.2019 11:59

Brits have been racist's for generations, especially when it comes to black people, mainly because they have been brought up to believe that the colour black represents evil.

Most of the things people fear are black, because it represents darkness, funerals, witchcraft, voodoo, bats, the unknown, Halloween, the dark side, in Britain people always dressed in black at funerals, witches wore black, black cats were seen as unlucky, the night is black, we believed hangmen dressed in black, they even have a place that holds weapons XYZ of white murderers called the black museum, why not call it the white museum.

If u want to buy something thats not good, you go on the black market XYZ, where as the colour white represents goodness, clear, plain, unstained, cleanliness, purity, angels, light.

However I think it is changing and probably will get better because just as we were brought up with this fear, future generations will be brought up with not just black people but all nationalities and racism will decrease. It is only what was instilled in us through generations.

16.10.2019 12:28

You talking about Voter ID ??? I have seen polite, well educated Chinese and Indian visitors being verbally abused by local idiots. Unfortunately racism seems to be getting worse in some places, yeah not all but some places its beyond control.

16.10.2019 14:01