49th next colony planet takes me 'beyond the outer ring'!

Thanks mainly to the @buildteam bot, which is probably the oddest subscription I've ever paid for, I'm now up to 49 planets in @nextcolony

Alpha, Nu and 2.0 ringed below so you can compare it the plot map below.


I'm in several parts of the galaxy now thanks to the wonderful Explorer IIs paying off, and am quite fortunate in that no one is attacking me - I've got @dachcolony allies close by to many areas, so it'd be a little silly of anyone I guess.

I've actually drawn up this little map of my home territory to figure out how I can feed certain planets to speed up my skilling up and ship production.... I can only produce certain 'advanced' ships on a few planets, and I need to feed them otherwise all my resources just get spent on regular ship production and auto-upgrades, although soon the later will be done.


I think it's pretty cool - it looks like nuclei - I had to manually enter the data into excel, but maybe this could be a future Python mission - figure out how get the data and auto-plot it.... only slight problem is that I've NO IDEA how to do that!

I've also hit on the theory that if I feed infrequently and large amounts then it leaves more mission slots for exploration.

That only applies to my home territory, I've got various groups of outposts, some many 100s of squares away, thankfully all of them consist of at least four planets which makes me difficult to attack as I can easily send my ships to a nearby planet, as long as I catch the incoming wave.

I'm also very happy that I've managed to score a new planet in an area 'beyond the outer ring' which gives me a totally new area of space - I've got a couple of dozen explorers on their way now, although estimated journey time is just under two weeks, so it'll be a while 'til they get busy.

All in all, it's a bizarre experience: playing a game that absolutely requires bot assistance, but It's not entirely unenjoyable either!

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07.10.2019 18:43

It's fascinating to read about! I imagine it is quite peaceful, too.

07.10.2019 18:48

Well it has been for the most part, very slow paced game, oddest thing! It does feel very blockchain~!

07.10.2019 19:09

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07.10.2019 19:30

Thanks for mentioning our bot! :) Can be found here if anyone is interested:

08.10.2019 02:58

I'm just about to resubscribe for another 3 months, it does the job very well!


08.10.2019 05:40

Nice one, I will sort out the renewal now.

09.10.2019 05:31

Cheers, I'll pay later today, I think I must have two accounts with buildteam as the one I was using yesterday wasn't showing my NC subscription, anyway, they're both attached to this username so no worries!

Hopefully it's OK I'm paying a bit early, I checked and the sub doesn't run out until the very end of October (I was thinking it was earlier, but then again I like to be way ahead of these things).


09.10.2019 05:53

Always good to be ahead, you have to renew via the shop however, I think there is a renew option, otherwise wait for the renewal email. Cheers.

09.10.2019 06:03

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08.10.2019 08:34

Do you know if @dachcolony is planning on rewarding its top members with some of those Yamato blueprints? That would help spread out some of the much coveted wonderships?!

08.10.2019 20:23

I don't know but I hope so!

08.10.2019 20:25

Me too! It'll be nice to see the ships spread out nicely across the galaxy, and @dachcolony certainly has this advantage!

08.10.2019 20:28

Visit the dachcolony discord if you are interested in the future of dachcolony.

09.10.2019 19:01

Hey cheers, I just dropped in a brief comment!

09.10.2019 19:42