Chick-fil-A Backs Away from Persecution of LGBTQs

In the National Review article Chick-fil-A’s Shameful Capitulation, John Hirschauer condemned Chick-fil-A for backing off its anti-LGBTQ stance and pulling funding from organizations that do. He goes on and on about it as if a business in the US is required to abide by Old Testament rules that aren't even enforced by Jesus in the New Testament.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot - Jesus didn't write the NT, and it's not even certain how much was actually written by his disciples. Oops!

Here's my response to John:

Wah. A business that claims allegiance to Christianity but is not recognized as a religious organization and doesn't have protections as a religious organization has made the decision not to abide by the OT admonition to murder homosexuals (hopefully it NEVER supported that one!), or the pressure of the religious fanatics to discriminate against LGBTQs. In the US, such discrimination, much less murder, is illegal anyways so pardon them for actually sticking to the law. If you don't like it, move yourself to a Christian nation and revert to ancient ways of doing things - slavery, the murder of homosexuals, and other such "morally acceptable" behavior supported by the OT.

Let us not forget that Jesus changed the rules, essentially giving a new set of rules to his followers that included the cancelation of many rules from the OT. Since the NT doesn't explicitly call for the murder of homosexuals, such an edict is no longer in force. Where in the NT does it explicitly say what should be done to homosexuals?

The real problem isn't this, though - it's that no clear statement was made during Jesus' life and those of his disciples in many (not all) cases as to which of God's rules were explicitly overturned, which were softened, and which remain in full force. Thus, a great deal of confusion was caused, and Constantine and other creators/revisers of the Bible didn't really do much to resolve the confusion. Yay! Nothing makes a religion open to abuse more than lack of clarity!

If you don't like that Chick-fil-A isn't going to continue to discriminate against LGBTQs, make yourself a chicken sandwich at home. Otherwise, stop your whinging.

Oh, I'm sorry am I not being PC enough? This is America, not some 12th-century theological state controlled by a despotic Pope who claims to rule by divine right and be the avatar of God. Yeah, right.

This brings me to the issue of pedophiles (child molesters), ephebophiles (teen molesters) and infantophiles (baby molesters) as clergy in Christian sects, some of which actively protect them. If clergy hides behind their leadership roles and church so that they can molest kids, doesn't that mean that parishioners, lawmakers and law enforcers should be doing something STRONG about it instead of standing in solidarity with the molesters? Instead of worrying about when a business stops following the OT, John, why don't you worry about the molesters in your church? That's much closer to home (and maybe you unknowingly invite them into your home and leave them alone with YOUR kids), and far more important.

Get your priorities straight. Surely child molestation - straight AND homosexual - is a REAL, VALID issue that should be fought on all fronts, instead of the ridiculous propping up of persecuting adults for what they do with other adults? If you've got blood lust, go after those scumbags! After all, I can guarantee you that a fair number of homosexuals became that way because of molestation!

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