Probably the longest beef in the history of the NBA

Before I start, I want to shout out the channel below: SB Nation. They produce some of the best historical NBA content I've seen on the Internet.

Anyways, watching this video, I feel the need to point out how grudges in the NBA never seem to go away and I think a large reason for that is ego. As these issues are often made public whether the NBA players themselves like it or not, they are often forced to take extreme steps for the sake of their public image, denying them the option of seeking reconciliation privately.

In my opinion, one cannot blame Chris Webber for his reaction to Jalen Rose's comments. As a retired NBA player, what one probably cares about the most is cementing their legacy. Yet, Jalen Rose threatens to undermine Chris Webber's legacy by constantly bringing up the timeout and other scandals from the past.

I think for a Fab Five reunion to truly occur, both of them need to take a step back and stop talking about it publicly for a while. Only then, both sides will be able to properly seek reconciliation.

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