One of the most heart breaking moments of the NBA

Many of you may remember that night when the Pistons when up against the Bulls. As Derrick Rose, in a Pistons jersey stepped up to the line, something incredible, unprecedented happened.

The Bulls fans not only refused to jeer at Derrick Rose, but began to chant "MVP, MVP!" at their former star.

Its hard not to love Derrick Rose, after all he has been through. From being the youngest MVP, and arguably the fastest and most explosive and agile point guard the league as ever seen, to having his career retarded by an injury. What was even more heartbreaking was when Drose got traded to the Knicks. Its a move that no one expected, despite the rumors. And seeing how upset Drose got when he heard about it was truly heartbreaking. I hope you watch the video and witness the strength of character of the man, who did not go into a flying rage hearing about the trade but instead was heartbroken.

You messed up, Phil Jackson. You lost a player who would have been loyal to your team for years to come.

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