Motivation from the Black Mamba #10

It's hard to separate talking about Kobe's greatness from his insane work ethic. We always hear stories of Kobe surprising other NBA players, coaches and fans during interviews with his obsessive mentality he adopts towards the game. What we don't realize though, is that Kobe did all this on 3-4 hours of sleep. In order to fit more training sessions in, Kobe slept merely 3-4 hours before waking up and doing the ridiculous amount of training he does. While I don't recommend doing this yourself, since not everyone is capable of functioning on lower amounts of sleep, I want you to appreciate the level of commitment Kobe has towards the game.

Heck, most of us can't even bring ourselves to wake up early on a weekend to eat breakfast. I encourage you to try waking up early and getting your training done in the morning. 5.30am to 7am, try fitting one extra training session in there. It's an exercise of discipline as well as a way to get an "edge" over your competitors and peers.

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