Get in shape and get a six pack quickly?

In order to get in shape and get a six pack, a few things has to happen. Firstly, your body's overall muscular strength has to increase. In order to attain the sculpted musculature we all desire as well as attain the chiseled abs we all want, we need a sufficient amount of muscle mass. Otherwise, with a low body fat percentage, we will just look skinny and lanky. Secondly, we need a low body fat percentage. This is necessary in order for us to gain definition for our abdominal muscles.

So how can we achieve this?

Firstly, we should keep ourselves in a calorie deficit. This means our total energy expenditure has to be more than the amount of food we intake. I recommend consuming your maintenance calories (which you can calculate using an app like myfitnesspal) and tracking your weight, only reducing your calories further by about 100 if your weekly average weight stagnates. For your macronutrient ratio, I recommend going 35% protein, 40% carbs and 25% fat. This is pretty lenient but for the average joe, results will start to show.

Secondly, I recommend being on a generic strength training program. In a few months, I may choose to upload the program I personally use so beginners can try it out! It's a pretty simple program that has a balanced emphasis on strength as well as hypertrophy.

Thirdly, a good amount of core training and cardio is necessary. I've grouped this two together because I feel like people don't realize other than traditional forms of cardio, stuff like a HIIT workout can be used to target your core as well if you integrate burpees, crunches or other core exercises into it.

I hope this has helped you! Go work for the body of your dreams :)

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