Health benefits of PLANTAINS

Plantains are sweet, look just like bananas, and are used in all types of meals and desserts. But did you know they have many health benefits? Like protein, vitamins and minerals? Read on to hear just how this plant can be a boost to your health.
Plantains are good for digestion. (and keeps you full)
Plantains are easily digested and full of fiber. Fiber is good for digestion and keeps you full. Fiber also helps keep bowel regularity. Lastly fiber keeps you full long, so plantains can fill you up.

Plantains are pact with Antioxidants!
Plantains have alot of vitamins in them. Examples would be vitamin A, B6, C, and K. vitamins fight of free radicals, which are unpaired electrons that can cause harm to the bodys cells. But vitamins are antioxidants, and since antiosxitdats are what fight off and get rid of free radicals, plantains take part in battleing those harmfull electrons!

Plantains: Helps the Heart!
Bet you didn’t know plantains were heart healthy. Plantains are filled with potassium which helps your heart, muscles, and kidneys do their job.

Plantains have protein!
They usually say meats are the ones with all the protein. But plantains have protein too!

Plantains: mineral mine!
Not only do plantains have potassium, but they also have magnesium, which is the fourth most abundant minerals found in the body. Magnesium is helpful to the body in many ways. Magnesium supports proper nerve function, healthy bones, proper muscle functions, and digestive system. And these minerals can be found in plantains!

Other plantain knowledge:
Although plantains are super healthy, some things can vary simply by how and when a plantain is cooked. For example, a plantain is more starchy if you cook it when it is green on the outside, while it is more surgery if you cook one when the peal is yellow or black, since the starch turns into sugar.

Also, if you fry plantains, plantains absorb the oils there fried in, so if you fry them with a fatty oil, they could become fatty.

Hoped you learn something new about plantains!

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