Free Steem-Related Prizes Round 19 (Level 3 Beta Card/2000 SPT Tokens)

Free Steem Related Prizes

It's time to start round 19 of our free giveaways for those who signed up to Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands using my link. To read the rules on how to get on each tier visit the original topic in which can be found by clicking ---> Free Rewards For Those Who Signed Up To Steem-Monsters Using My Link !. The rewards I give out and how frequent these pop up giveaways take place is dependent on my success of signing up new players.

If you have already signed up to Splinterlands but would like to participate in these giveaways I have some good news. I have decided to create a third tier of potential winners. The third tier will include those who have signed up to SteemKnights using my link ( SteemKnights is the first ever 3D game to be built on the Steem Blockchain.

(57) Link To Join Tier 1 or 2:

Tier 2 Tier 1
@hodlsome @wonderwop
@barbara @ninjamike
@frames @startebeker
@elautomatico @tennesseeshadoe
@altruismandcake @metama
@marcocasario @monstercrusher
@frosh2018 @sm-rules
@kylorenjunior @lets-rumble
@gaottantacinque @steven-patrick
@fuentesjo3006 @nolimit909
@onnovocks @deadcrow
@sivehead @khussan
@aftabkhan123 @siekone
@sfcq240788 @lologom
@bigrigray @akomoajong
@loso @mastersa
@egokul @darkengery
@boboxer @thesplinterland
@lolyfuentes @freeplay
@kshahrck @splintertalk
@triadji @energycrystals
@aminealaoui @mendelian
@tronsformer @babyshanks
@joanawatts @mastersa
@mitem100zurmill1 @memelover
@sam2029314 -
@athomewithcraig -
@yuliethestefanny -
@bulbasaur -
@enm -
@quantumdeveloper -
@russellsstockley -

(67) Link To Join Tier 3:

Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 3
@definethedollar @georgemales @khussan
@masoom @thegoliath @sirnaboii
@johndoer123 @elblanco27 @futuremind
@lologom @mcoinz79 @russia-btc
@nrg @abrockman @abh12345
@kiokizz @foxconnmars @thranax
@simplymike @bubke @mightypanda
@mimismartypants @fredkese @akomoajong
@tillysfamilyfarm @qam2112 @cryptoeera
@draconel @richatvns @stranger27
@chireerocks @splinterlands-ru @anjanida
@doloknight @stever82 @phattbasskicking
@r1s2g3 @steallion @zyzzyva
@nutritree @achol @oh-high-mark
@mango-juice @tucky @sharkmonsters
@stokjockey @wdougwatson @northmountain
@mhossain @stever82 @doctorcrypto
@pushpedal @cryptofrancois @boboxer
@orjantomarcelo @ninjamike @bizbuzz
@theb0red1 @abasinkanga @blueeyes8960
@tryskele @rollxp @viniciotricolor
@fuentesjo3006 @zukowick @heraclio
@quantumdeveloper - -

Our 19th Round Of Prizes for Tier 1

Round 19 will be a raffle. If you win the raffle and your name appears in tier 1 you will be sent the Level 3 Splinterlands Beta card Animated Corpse. You will also be sent 2000 SPT Tokens to your Steem-Engine wallet. SPT is Splinterlands official Tribe (community) Token that can be sold/purchases or traded on the Steem-Engine exchange.

Our 19th Round Of Prizes for Tier 2/3

If you win the raffle and your name appears in Tier 2 or 3 but not in Tier 1 you will be awarded 500 SPT Tokens and a Level three Splinterlands rewards card.

How I Pick A Winner

You must comment to claim your ticket. The timing of your comment will decide your raffle number. After this topic reaches post payout I will use a random number generator to pick a number. If the random number generator picks your number you will be the winner.

Bonus Giveaway For Everyone

I hold some CommentCoin and have used the #CC tag on this post. So everyone who comments should be sent one CC Token from the automatic CC bot in which should appear in your Steem-Engine wallet almost instantly.

Disclaimer :
If you would like to join RD 20 of our Steem Related Prize giveaways simply sign up to Splinterlands using this link ---> (Use your Steem Details To Sign In) or sign up to SteemKnights using this link--->( and you will be added to tier one, tier two or tier three of our next prize giveaway post.

If you feel as I never placed you in the right tier please say so in the comment section and I will double check and correct accordingly (Entry End Date For Round 18: Post Payout).

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

Splinterlands Total Market Cap Report:


PeakMonsters Market Cap Numbers

[Click here to start playing or investing in Splinterlands today!](Splinterlands)

*Congrats to the Round 18 Winner @boboxer. You will be sent 5000 GOD Tokens and a Level three Splinterlands rewards card.

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look like I am here to claim spot 1.

07.01.2020 13:19

It is insane to see how much referrals you have. I was wondering where you get them when a lot of steemit users are already players? You use some other platforms to gain referrals? Thanks!

07.01.2020 14:17

I was late to using the referral program with Splinterlands and if I had joined in the efforts of signing up new players sooner my list would likey be much bigger. I hesitated to put the effort in due to the 5% commission fee as I use to do allot of affiliate work (years back) and was use to getting a much larger percentage. But since I have come to enjoy the game and the community behind it I decided to do what I can to help it succeed.

To answer your question most of my referrals come from right here on Steemit via me running promotions and games. I have done affilliate work for poker sites some years back so I'm no stranger to coming up with ways of getting sign ups. I hope the Splinterlands devs at some point look at the affiliate system and offer some short of tiered revenue sharing for those who go the extra mile with advertising their game it would likely motivate myself and others like myself to go the extra mile of signing up players outside of the blockchain.

07.01.2020 14:51

Hello world :)

07.01.2020 17:39


07.01.2020 18:38

In tier 3

07.01.2020 22:59

Thank you for a chance at a free card @rentmoney 🤞


07.01.2020 23:34


Care to clarify why you downvoted this post?

Steem-Engine discription of the ctp tribe

The token for the CTP community at - A tribe of affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs.

My post here that you downvoted is one giant affiliate promotion for games on the Steem blockchain. For the record I have no problem with downvotes but its odd a tribe that is for affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs would downvote a post that falls under one or possibly even all three of those catogories as mine here does.

08.01.2020 03:49

too bad. I already have signed up for a while now

08.01.2020 05:21