Low-Cost Drones Learn Precise Control Over Suspended Loads - IEEE Spectrum

( March 11, 2021; IEEE Spectrum )

I’ll admit to having been somewhat skeptical about the strategy of dangling payloads on long tethers for drone delivery. I mean, I get why Wing does it— it keeps the drone and all of its spinny bits well away from untrained users while preserving the capability of making deliveries to very specific areas that may have nearby obstacles. But it also seems like you’re adding some risk as well, because once your payload is out on that long tether, it’s more or less out of your control in at least two axes. And you can forget about your drone doing anything while this is going on, because who the heck knows what’s going to happen to your payload if the drone starts moving around?

NYU roboticists, that’s who.

Doing it in windy conditions is still an open problem, however...

Read the rest, including an interview with lab head, Giuseppe Loianno, at IEEE Spectrum:

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