[Coronavirus Pandemic] The daily COVID chronicle - June 3, 2020

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The daily COVID chronicle - June 3, 2020


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As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 6,435,453 with 2,761,514 recoveries, 382,093 fatalities, and 1,839,167 cases in the United States (US). In the US, this represents 21,382 new cases, which is down by 2,623 as compared to yesterday.

Of the US cases, the site reports 463,868 recoveries, 106,53 fatalities, and 17,757,838 total tests administered. My own state, Pennsylvania, reports 77,654 cases with 48,848 recoveries, 5,742 deaths, and 472,871 total tests administered.

  1. Steem @robmitty: After coronavirus, Americans expect a changed global balance of power | Pew Research Center

  2. Steem @pivic: Graduation day in Sweden, year 2020: how to effectively spread COVID-19

  3. Steem @julianhorack: Covid-19 lockdown day 68 – USA riots like it’s 1968

  4. 16 Health Workers Talk About Their Battles With the Pandemic - WIRED’s video team reached out to doctors, physician assistants, and paramedics, and asked them about their experiences treating Covid-19 patients.

  5. Liberty University Ends Semester With No Coronavirus Cases After Months of Media Criticism - Subtitle: We are thankful to God that nobody who lived in a campus residence hall or who worked in a campus office tested positive for the virus

  6. Race to be first to report first case of COVID-19 death during pregnancy leads to a retraction

  7. Coronavirus pandemic is fast-tracking a health-tech revolution, expert says - Subtitle: The ‘floodgates are now open’ and regulators, patients and healthcare providers are all going with the flow, according to Yair Schindel of aMoon VC fund

  8. A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling - Excerpt: For scientists running randomized trials of hydroxychloroquine, an urgent question has been how to respond to the paper and the many questions raised about it. Some studies were not halted at all. A hydroxychloroquine trial known as ORCHID, funded by the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, opted to keep running after its data and safety monitoring board (DSMB) reviewed safety data from already enrolled participants, says Semler, a co-investigator on the study.

  9. After Elon Musk called stay-at-home orders 'fascist,' a worker in a reopened Tesla factory reportedly tested positive for COVID-19

  10. German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

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